Roadster and Engines

Model T Ford roadster

Barr Bros

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Our Model T Ford roadster, assembled from parts.

Courtesy of Barr Bros., Route 2, Fullerton, Nebraska 68638

This nicely restored Brown engine with the large original water cooling tank is owned by Ross Pino of Covington, Pennsylvania and is on display each year at the Tioga County Early Days Show held at Whitneyville, Pennsylvania.

Courtesy of George F. Kempher, 110 7th Street, Emporium, Pennsylvania 15834

This is our 'Swift Messenger', Mohn Deboskey, Annandale, Virginia as he takes off on another errand on his trusty steed, an antique garden tractor, which he restored. When it comes to speed, we can show the post office how to do it.

This is one of our gas engines at the Berryville, Virginia - Shenandoah Valley Show, 1974.

Courtesy of William E. Hall, 15700 Santini Road, Burtonsville, Maryland 207307

This is our pony cart for children's rides as it comes through the parade, followed by Tom Ackerman's 1930 V16 Cadillac, bearing our secretary, Linda Giles of Bunker Hill, West Virginia, and others. Linda seems to always ride up front with Wayne Boerum, Silver Springs, Maryland, the chauffer - I wonder why??.

An 80 HP Otto. At left is David Holcomb, Jr. of Gibsonburg, Ohio and on right is Harold Ottaway, Wichita, Kansas, the owner.

Photo by R. Vohland, Washington, Illinois 61571

Top picture shows my portable sawmill at Solon Springs. I pass my time at this. This is Pulp wood country and I get some logs from the pulp cutters, all pine. I saw the timber to build my sheds where we have the machinery at Beldenville.

Picture shows Fairbanks-Morse oil engine. Date on name plate is 1909. Found near Lake Superior. It was pulled out of the swamp and restored beautifully. Muffler on back is black and weighs 500 pounds. It was some experience putting it on wheels, was told would not work by some enthusiast, but works fine. We thresh with it, 24 inch, 1903 wood thresher last year.

Courtesy of E. G. Huppert, R.R. 1, Box 437, Solon Springs, Wisconsin, 54873