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Rescuing a 12 HP Domestic from the Bahamian Jungle, Part 2

Editor's note: The following is Part 2 of Randy Reysen's account of the rescue and restoration of a 12 HP Domestic engine recently found in the Bahamas. Read Part 1. 

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The story of rescuing the 12 HP Domestic got more interesting when Jim’s company went back to the site and discovered the scrap pile and the engine gone! Some other scrappers had used the access road they cleared back in August to steal the pile. It took two days of looking and a lot of worrying, but the engine and the lime stone pulverizer it apparently once powered were found.

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Here is a video of Jim explaining where they found the engine: 


Once the engine and lime stone pulverizer were located, Jim cleaned them up and crated them for customs. More on that adventure in Part 3.

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Read more in Part 3.