Restored Kelly Engine

Kelly engine is rated at 2 HP

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1401 E, First St., Redfield, SD 57469

My Kelly engine has a cast iron name plate which says, 'O. S. Kelly Western Mfg. Co., Iowa City, Iowa.' The numbers '1034' are stamped into the block with 'D82' moulded into the base and it also has 'D16' cast into the side plate, which carries one end of the crank shaft. The flywheels measure 2 7/16 x 22' diameter, the belt pulley is 8' x 8'.

This upright engine has a 41/8' bore and 5 stroke. It is rated at 2 HP. It has a splash oil system with an auxiliary drip oiler for the cylinder. It is water cooled. (Originally there was a large galvanized tank for the water. I have replaced this with a stainless steel small tank.) The cast-iron base forms the gas tank. It has a battery and coil make and break ignition system.

My father bought this engine new in Coon Rapids, Iowa about 1909 or 1910. It was used to drive a line-shaft from which a cream separator was run.

In 1927 we moved to Montana in an immigrant car and took the Kelly with us. It was used there to pump water for a time but was finally abandoned and stood idle for many years.

It was after my brother, who owned the farm, passed away that my other three brothers and I discovered the old engine under some straw bales. It had been partly dismantled and parts were scattered about in the weeds.

Now the restoration began. We gathered up all the parts we could find the last part to be found was the governor. We finished dismantling the Kelly and loaded it in my travel trailer. I then brought it to South Dakota.

After two years of my spare time making parts, scraping, sanding, cleaning and painting, it was ready for the final test. I turned the crank and the old Kelly came to life! It brings back many nostalgic memories you see, I grew up with this engine. I, too, was seventy-six last May.

This is the only Kelly engine I have ever seen. It is a beautiful engine a deep yellow color with striking red striping and is enhanced by a polished brass water jacket.

I would appreciate hearing from GEM readers who might be interested in the Kelly engine. Does anyone know if this engine had a vented crankcase?