This engine was a 3 HP air cooled Olds

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563 West View, Springfield, Missouri 65807

Having just returned from the show grounds doing some work and reading and re-reading GEM, I find there are several collectors who have unusual engines. Well, I think we have one that is unusual as I have found NO ONE who has heard or seen one like it.

First, I will tell how we found it. We used to drive by an old barn, one half mile from home, for about 20 years. One day we noticed the gentleman had passed away and his widow was cleaning out to have a sale. As I passed on a Saturday morning, I saw a Bean Orchard Sprayer. Upon stopping, I saw this very rare engine on it. Well, I got my buddy, Vance West, and we went back and talked to the lady, Mrs. Sturey. She told us it had been in the barn for over 40 years. It had been used to spray fruit orchards.

After making an offer, it was accepted when Mrs. Sturey learned we wanted to restore it and show it at our show. She said: 'This would be the way Frank would want it.'

We found out that our offer was much less than another man had offered, but she would not sell it to him because he wanted to put it outside of his business and let it 'rot down.'

This engine was a 3 HP air cooled Olds built by R. E. Olds, Olds Gas Power Company, Lansing, Michigan.

It's hard to believe this engine still has original paint and name on it. The engine was not stuck. It still had five telephone batteries in the battery box and after checking the wire connectors and grease cups and putting the original spark plug in it, it started the first time we tried.

After much research on this engine out of Lansing, we found it was built before 1908, when Seiger bought out Olds Gas Power Company and they started to use their own carb.

This engine has an unusual valve system and the only ignition system I know of like it.

Needless to say this is our 'PRIDE' of the many engines that Vance and I have in our collection.

We had the National Gas Engine Show in Springfield in 1977. Collectors from all over the states were here but no one had ever seen an Olds air cooled like this one. It seems to be one of the very rare ones!