Original Worthington Engine Found

With Surviving Worthington Engines Few and Far Between, this Original Worthington Engine Merits Notice

Gary's Worthington

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On the back cover of the September 1994 issue of GEM, I had a picture of my first Worthington engine, a 1-1/2 HP, serial number 40768. In that article I wrote about the original condition of the paint and my feelings about leaving it as found. I have since come across another in almost the same original condition, and like that first Worthington I will also leave this one as found.

The pulleys and mufflers on the two engines are different, but they may not be original. The governors and carburetors are also different -the governor and c on this engine are the same as on a 2-1/2 HP Worthington I have (serial number 39000), which I also mentioned in the September 1994 article.

I feel very fortunate to have these Worthingtons in this condition  'Original is Beautiful.'

Igniter side of Gary's Worthington. Available information suggests the 1-1/2 HP was the only engine Worthington made with hit-and-miss governing. All others featured throttle-governing. The Worthington engine line was created when Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp. absorbed International Gas Engine Co., better known as Ingeco, in 1917.

Contact engine enthusiast Gary Pegelow at: 2121 North view Road, Waukesha, Wl 53188.

Worthington Nameplate: "Worthington Gasoline Engine Worthington Pump and Machinery Company Gas Engine Works Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A. 1-1/2 HP, rpm 600, s/n 46865."