Old Gas Engines

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73 Wilson Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Courtesy of Malcolm E. Bird, 73 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Leaving for Belleville, Ontario, Fair on August 20, 1969, with antique thresher and engines. I draw a trailer behind my car and take in several shows.

Malcolm Bird on the left and Antone Shupler on the right. Note the old wooden measures hand fed with an over shot cylinder made by Mathew Moody.

Built by Mathew Moody, Ltd., Terrebonne, Quebec, in 1880. A few were used in Quebec around the turn of the century, transported by wagon and sleigh. This is the only mill left as there were only four built in that year.

This old thresher, threshed in the Gatineau Valley (North of Hull) for many years, driven by a two horse tread machine. Capacity for one day was one hundred and fifty bushels. It has been restored by owner, Malcolm E. Bird of Toronto. Carpentry work was done by Antone Shupler, R. R. 5, Belleville, Ontario.

It is now driven by a 1920 6 hp. International kerosene engine, which owner Mr. Bird restored for this purpose. This engine was used in the Sudbury District for mining purposes.

Pictures of the threshing were taken on the farm at Belleville.

Last fall Mr. Bird's old thresher was on display at the Tweed and Shannon-ville Fairs. A bit of threshing was done at Tweed just to prove that the old mill can really work. It was an item of great interest.

I have collected some old gas engines, but I also enjoy miniature things so I made a model. The fluted water hopper resembles one type engine, the Chicago Aeromotor Company built. Other than that I only made it so it would look and run like a big engine. It is make and break ignitor fired and has hit and miss governor.

The pictures will give you an idea how small it is. Seems like nobody around here has ever seen a model fired by igniter. Could this be the first?