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1223 Westover Road Danville, Virginia 24541

(This ad and article taken from the Farm Implement News of April 15, 1915. Volume XXXVI.) Arthur says: 'The answer to a picture (What Is It?) in your Sept.-Oct. 68 GEM is in this article.'

The Termaat & Monahan Company of Oshkosh, Wis., placed a new engine on the market the first of this year, which has many new and decided improvements.

These engines, as can be seen from the cut, have vertical valves, which simply float in the cages, doing away with the wear on the valve stems and the valve seats. The inlet valve is automatically operated, and the exhaust valve mechanically operated by means of a pull rod from the eccentric. Access to the valves is obtained by a cage immediately at the top of the integral cylinder head, and these valves may be ground in this position. This arrangement is very simple, and they are very easily removed. When this arrangement was designed, kerosene operation was taken into consideration. Economical fuel consumption has been obtained, as the gas sprays directly on the exhaust valve, which is the hottest part of the engine. Because of this, the fuel is not wasted, and greater power obtained per cubic compression unit.

Termaat & Monahan Company Division 'A', Oshkosh, Wis.

Most Up-to-Datc Gas Engine on the Market Self-Starting Magneto. Latest Feature in Speed Change. Integral Cylinder Head. No Packing. Semi - Enclosed Crank Case Sensitive Two-Ball Governor

Every size guaranteed to develop 20% greater horse power than rated and operate on less fuel per horse power than the old designs of engines. Here is our proposition to the dealer: Write for prices--buy a sample--if not the biggest value you ever saw, return to us.


Geo. A. Clark & Son, Inc., 227 North 5th St., Minneapolis, Minn.

M. A. Johnson Mfg. Co , 565 W. Washington St., Chicago, III.

W. E. Gochenaur, 631 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Wonder Mfg. Co., Syracuse. N. Y.

Leighton Supply Company, Fort Dodge, Iowa

D. H Hunter, 619 W. Cypress St., San Antonio, Texas

The T. & M. engine has a speed change attached to it to change the speed while operating. This may be accomplished by simply turning the screw up or down to lessen or create a pressure by means of the wedge shape point onto the governor collars. This acts directly on the main governor springs instead of on auxiliary springs. The usual method is through levers and auxiliary springs and push rod. Not only does this method decrease the cost of manufacture, but it has less working parts, and therefore less trouble, and acts more quickly. Furthermore, it does not create a change in jerks, but does so gradually, which has a tendency to decrease the wear on all the working parts of the engine. This engine has a two-ball governor, which is very sensitive to regulation, simple and exceptionally strong. There is also a heavy cast iron shield for protection which has a very neat appearance. It extends from the base of the engine over the connecting rod to the hopper.

The ignition equipment consists of a self-starting magneto, which eliminates batteries, wires, coils, etc., and which has been thoroughly recommended by the most prominent engineers. These have been tested out for quite a number of years, and have proven a most satisfactory ignition equipment.

The T. & M. line of engines is diversified, being manufactured in sizes from 1? to 20 hp. Every engine is guaranteed to develop considerably more than the rated horsepower, and all are heavy in construction. In fact all of the dimensions are liberal, which makes them engines that will stand up under all conditions. Furthermore, these engines were designed as popular priced outfits, with an exceptionally big profit to the dealer. Termaat & Monahan Company of Oshkosh will give full particulars regarding the dealer proposition. Dealers at distant points can purchase through the many jobbing connections.