McCormick Deering

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3711 S. Hampton, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722

This is a McCormick Deering type M 10 HP kerosene engine, serial number 1386, built in 1919 or early 1920.

The bore is oversized to 6-3/64' and has a stroke of 10' and a rated 10 horsepower turning at 425 RPM.

The skid and battery seat box are to scale of the original but made of white oak and stained in natural oak color. Total unit weight is about 3000 pounds.

I use gasoline to start and run it at shows with no load.

It will run under load on a mixture of kerosene and water if the load is enough to keep it hot.

When I first saw the engine, it was torn apart in a pile in an old tool shed. It took about six months of talking, bargaining and a little haggling before a solid deal was struck.

When I started to go through the pile to load it, I was somewhat disappointed of its condition. Some of the parts were broken, some were non-repairable and some were just no good at all. Even though I was still happy to have it.

Next came making parts by casting, making from scratch and picking at shows and swap meets.

To get a good wall in the cylinder sleeve, I had to enlarge the bore 3/64 of an inch. I also had to build up the piston, make spiral oversized and overweight rings, cut new camshaft and crankshaft timing gears, reface crankshafts bearing areas and pour new bearings to match. A few parts were made from just a hunk of the right kind of metal. The inside of the carburetor and fuel pump were replaced with new brass 'homemade' goodies.

On September 15, 1979, after three years, with a brand new paint job, decals and varnished skid, 'THE FIRST SHOWING' headed out to the 18th Annual Antique Engine and Tractor Association Show, held on the Ivan Wildermuth Farm in Geneseo, Illinois.

It was decided to belt it up with a 1907 American shingle saw which was owned by the Byford Killing family. This operating demonstration was one of several at the show.