A Perfect End To A Perfect Summer

Gas Engine

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We were getting into the fall of '82 and things were gearing down from the summer.

We had made it to six shows, being exhibitors at four of them. This being my second summer as a Gas Engine Man (G.E.M.), I was still recalling all that I had seen. I am still sure I missed something in Portland.

So here we are sitting here looking out at the cold and going over the memories of swapping and trading and trying not to buy. With that in mind I acquired 3 Fairmonts, 1 Witte, with sprayer pum, Maytag washing machine (that really works), 1 McCormick Deering and 1 for parts, 1 B & S (overhead rocker arm model), 1 Wright power saw and, best of all, a 1 HP Mogul.

The Mogul was located by a friend who has a mild interest in engines (hasn't really got the bug yet). He came to the house and told me that he had talked to a fella who had an International engine that he had sitting in the barn forever, and he might sell it.

The first thing I thought of was an L.A. or L.B.

Then when he picked me up, we were thinking it was another McCormick as he told Bob that it had spoke flywheels. I asked Bob how far away this was as I had already driven hundreds of miles in this area looking wherever I could for engines. The only thing I got for that was a gas engine neck; that's when your head gets stuck looking over your shoulder to see behind barns and sheds as you drive by!

Anyway, he told me it wasn't too far away and that we would be there soon. He was right, it was only seven miles and on the only road within a 30-mile radius that I hadn't been down.

The fellas took us down to the barn and past the 'coon dogs, and there it sat back in a dark corner. Well, with the dogs barking and not really being able to see it, we went back to the house. I asked about the price and after digging into the deepest corner of my wallet, knocking the moths and bats out of the way, I came up with the proper bill and the deal was made.

Bob and I got back with the truck to bring her home and he tried to pick her up but couldn't. So we backed off and took another look which was hard as we had forgotten the flashlight again. So after unhooking a dog chain and rocking the engine, we found out that the reason he couldn't lift it over was because he was standing on the truck that was under the engine. The truck was buried under the straw and other stuff from the dogs. After getting it out in the sunlight and seeing what we had, I got that feeling you can only get on a sunny day with the air smelling good and everything running smoothly.

Getting home in seven miles just seemed like it took forever because I was so excited to get my Mogul running. As I began to work on my Mogul we had to replace the oiler that the dog chain was fastened to and swap mags as the original had a broken magnet. Then another small delay to get it back in time because I put the mag on wrong. O.K., then we gassed her up and over-oiled as usual; she took off after a few spins and settled into that wonderful sound of 'fump, fump, fump.' That's only one of the mind-clearing, nerve-settling, and warm-in-the-stomach feelings an engine can make.

So as the warm glow of summer keeps us going then, the thought of winter and the thought of coming shows will renew that glow and give us all the brotherhood there is. I would like to thank Steve Krauss and his family for getting me into one of the most rewarding hobbies I have ever had. I never knew these engines existed three years ago.