Crossley Motor

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Box 226, Karnack, Texas 75661

I got my first Cub Cadet several months ago. It had a couple of parts missing, so I got the parts, restored and painted it. It is red and has Farmall decals.

Now, I am on my third one. I decided to change it a little so I put a Crossley motor and transmission in it. I had to stretch the frame 12 inches, and also the hood. I chose to use the Crossley transmission with the motor so I wouldn't have any trouble using the Crossley clutch. This particular engine I am using came out of a boat. I removed the marine manifold and used a stock manifold.

The transmission had only high gear and reverse. This works fine with the Cub transmission. I made a short jack shaft to connect the two transmissions. With both transmissions in reverse, I have a real low forward gear or reverse, too. With the front transmission in high gear, you just use the Cub transmission. I use the clutch brake as it was. I just made up a new linkage to go to the Crossley release arm.

I have 14 inch tires on the rear and I put 1 inch spaces between the frame and front cross-member to raise the front. It sits level with the larger rear tires. The Crossley 6 volt starter works like a champ on 12 volt. I rewired it and use an automotive ignition switch. The fenders clear the larger tires by a little bit.

I don't have a governor for this motor so I blocked the throttle so the motor won't rev over 4000 rpm.

I am keeping the yellow and white paint job.

This engine is just one of several that will be at engine shows. There have been several semi scale home builts at the engine shows.

The biggest problem has been the radiator. By removing the side straps from the radiator and cutting the lip from the frame, the Crossley radiator will go down in the frame. Without extra weight, the wrong tires and hitch, I still pulled the 10,000 pound sled 29 feet! When I pulled it, I removed the throttle block and let it wind. It was turning about 6,000 rpm and sounded real impressive.

I still got beat by someone with proper tires and extra weight. I weigh in at 800 pounds. I plan to add weight and an adjustable hitch.