Horsepower Cook Engine

The attached photo pictures a 40 horsepower Cook engine built in Delaware, Ohio. This engine operated in the Johnstown, Ohio, water works from 1917 to 1967, when I removed it from its base.

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 Sidney, Ohio 45365

The engine was installed as a 'rebuilt' engine at the Johnstown water works in 1917. I do not know the history prior to its installation there, but it was probably built around 1910.

The engine is a twin cylinder design with four foot flywheels, 3 7/8' shaft, 10' pistons and weighs 6,800 pounds.

The engine hardware includes a Dixie mag, a 'KW' coil-ignition box and a Pickerington governor similar to those used on steam engines. At the Johnstown water works the engine ran a line shaft which operated both a generator and a centrifugal pump.

Back in the 1920s the village of Johnstown sold both water and electric to the citizens. The old Cook engine would be started up early in the morning to produce electricity and then after daylight would be switched by way of a wooden clutch to operate a pump which filled the town's water tower.

At one time the village boasted of owning two of these units but later removed one which fell victim to the wrecker's ball.

In 1967 I purchased the unit in the picture from the village of Johnstown for $50. The winter of 1968 I completely disassembled the engine and restored it. It took a wrecker to lift the block off of the concrete pad. Each flywheel weighs in excess of 500 pounds.

I currently have the Cook engine mounted on four ten-inch 'I' beams with plans someday to mount the unit on a trailer. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who collects Cook engines or persons who could tell me more about the Cook Engine Company.

Other items in my collection include a Breman Caloric hot air pump and a McCormick Deering 1? HP gasoline engine.