1929 Model 'A'

Courtesy of Roy R. Hartman, 32 Maryland Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20028

Roy R. Hartman

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Box 63, College Springs, Iowa 51637.

A few issues back there was mention of the many engines built in Waterloo, Iowa, and I have a comment to make to the confusion of the already too complicated data.

While thumbing through a 1904 farm magazine, I noticed two companies from Waterloo, Iowa, advertising in the same issue. One was the 'Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company' and the other was the 'Waterloo Motor Company,' both building gasoline engines. I assume the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company survived as I have a 4 hp. Waterloo manufactured by the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co. On later models the engine nameplate read 'Waterloo Boy.' My 'Waterloo' looks like the first models of the 'Waterloo Boy' that I have seen. Also on page 18 of the first issue of GEM, 1966, John Hansen of Perth Amboy, N. J., shows a 'Waterloo' engine that I have looked at several times and scratched my head over. Maybe John could give us more data on this engine. Is it a Waterloo, Iowa, built engine?

Also I have 2 - 3 hp. Worthington Ingeco engines. In the April, 1914, Gas Review the Ingeco engine is advertised and in later issues of the Gas Review the company name was given as the Worth-ington-Ingeco, actually stated as 'The Ingeco Iron Works' a division of 'The Worthington Pump and Machinery Co.' Did Worthington buy out Ingeco and drop their own line or did they buy out Ingeco and redesign and sell the Worthington, dropping the old Ingeco design? It appears to me that the latter is true.

One last comment, on page 4 of issue 6,1969, there is a picture of a 3 hp. Appleton engine. I have a picture of a 4 hp. Rock Island which must have been made by the Appleton Mfg. Co. as it looks very similar. The original owner said it was purchased around 1916. The question naturally is: at what time did Appleton quit making engines for Rock Island and when did Alamo take over?

1909 Mitchell owned by Darrell Houstman of Washington, D.C. Picture taken in October 1965 at the Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show.

1929 Model 'A' Ford owned by Sue and William Bendall, Jr. of Falls Church, Virginia. Picture taken by Roy in October 1965 at the Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show.

Pictured is an 1918 Economy 7 hp. with a Wico P.K. Magneto. The engine is mounted on a wagon which has a buzz saw on the back. The engine was overhauled in the forties and had not been used for eight years. All that I had to do to start it was to clean the gas tank and crank.