Bridgeport milling machine

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4921 Lowhill Church Road New Tripoli, Pennsylvania 18066

After acquiring an interest in the operation of water rams, I started collecting and displaying them at local engine and tractor shows.

I have always wanted a working ram to display at shows, but the bulkiness of a full size display, plus the problems associated with returning the water used to operate the ram back to its supply, was more hassle than I cared to bother with.

On the other hand, I thought that a small version or model of a water ram, built to scale, would be an interesting challenge to undertake.

I decided to make a miniature ram model that would operate at table top level. I knew that a display such as this would pique the interest of visitors and demonstrators alike.

I made my Mini-Ram almost entirely on my small lathe and drill press. A friend of mine offered me the use of his Bridgeport milling machine. This made it easier to machine the base, but the ram could have been built entirely in my meager workshop.

My ram was made entirely out of bar stock, so there were no expensive castings to purchase. The air chamber and impetus valve are made of brass, and the base is a piece of cast iron.

When setting up my ram to operate, I use a inch diameter drive pipe with a length of nine feet, and a fall of two feet. The ram cycles at approximately 25 times per minute, and the waste water (the water used to operate the ram) amounts to approximately one pint per minute. A simple and inexpensive 12 volt boat bilge pump returns this waste water back to the supply tank with no problem.

In the 1995 season, I intend to display at engine shows that I regularly attend throughout Pennsylvania. I hope for a lot of interesting comments on this new addition to my display booth.