Gilson sixty

Courtesy of Thomas C. Graves, 14020 S.W. River Lane, Tigard, Oregon 97223

Thomas C. Graves

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Dear GEM,

I mentioned last fall to Mr. E. W. Timmerman of Oakly, Illinois that I would like to see someone put out a book listing all the gas engines with manufacturers names - types - sizes -mechanical & color data and years of manufacture and prices. He said that he would too. I had thought about starting the job then, but for some reason did not do so.

I notice in ''Kitty's' Column, March-April Issue that Mr. Daryl McCready of Kensett, Iowa also has a yearning for this type of book. I wish to inform you - and all collectors - restorers - enthusiasts - yearners - picture takers - engine hunters -junk nuts - and just plain readers that I have begun this perhaps monumental task of getting all the available information I possibly can in order to put together just such a catalog type of book on these wonderful old engines.

Perched on the flywheel of an old 4 H.P. Stover is a Fairbanks-Morse paperweight model engine. These were given out by F-M salesmen to hardware and machinery merchants only. Very few of them ever came into the hands of the general public. These are now a scarce collector's item. I know of only one more of these in the west. It is owned by a former F-M sales manager now retired. Presumably these items were made by one of the better known cast iron toy makers (Arcade of Freeport, Ill., for instance, although on the inside of the base in raised letters it reads Fairbanks-Morse.)

Here pictured is a Gilson 'sixty' air cooled, Style 'F' #4448, made by Gilson Manufacturing Company, Port Washington, Wisconsin. This engine is an unchanged original. Skids, battery box, muffler and fuel tank. The crank and fan which was driven by rat tail leather belt are missing.

I bought this at a Church ladies' rummage sale. Don't these things show up at the strangest places?

Here is a picture of my 6 hp Fairbanks Morse 'Z' engine with an American Bosch magneto. I have it belted to a buzz saw with which I sawed wood for my fire place. This is the first time I ever really worked and engine and it surprised me as to the power it delivered.

I am an 'Oliver Corporation' employee and am also in the process of getting together a literature collection of all companies in the Oliver family. I have written the home plant in Charles City, Iowa and have received a very wonderful reply and quite a large amount of company history as well as a book with pictures representing every year of tractors and a couple of stationary engines made from 1898 to the present day. I will also try and put together another article about my own small but growing engine collection before too long - I have made a fine buy recently and hope to purchase another fine item soon. I won't say what they are, but they are unusual and I want to send in pictures.

Please put the news in GEM about my efforts started toward a Gas Engine Book for all the gas engine fans.

Sincerely, CM. Cameron

Well, readers, now you know about Mel's project, let's give him the support he needs. He is looking for manufacturers names, types, sizes, mechanical and color data, and years of manufacture and prices of all gas engines. If you can contribute to this cause, please do so by writing Mel a letter. Write to Mr. Mel Cameron, Rural Route 2, Windsor, Illinois 61957.

A new D8H46A Power Shift tractor with 8 U hyd. drive. This is one of the new 270 HP D8H with new T18 turbocharged and the new sprocket with bolt-on rim segments permit re-rimming in the field. This machine's weight is 35 tons - cost is $57,000.

20 HP Huber engine and Mr. Ort Gilland of Gilland Transfer Company and Mr. & Mrs. Fred Perleberg of Willmar, Minnesota. Huber was built in 1904 - weight 9 tons.