Letter From Australia

Detroit 5 HP engine

Detroit 5 HP engine as found.

Allen B. Eatts

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The following text and photographs are by Allen B. Eatts of Myponga Beach Road, Myponga, S.A. 5202 Australia, and are excerpted from a letter he wrote to Ernie Collins of Box 571, Frankfort, MI 49635, who forwarded them to us. The two men began their correspondence over Detroit engines, which they both own. Collins thought GEM readers would be interested in reading an Australian collectors' comments and seeing something of his collection.

Firstly many many thanks for your letters and info. It feels real good to have someone do you a good turn these days. Have enclosed some photos of some of my collection that is many and varied. For your interest I have 10 tractors, 6 marine engines, 10 stationary engines, 1 old roller mill for grain, 1 boat that will have the Homelite on it one day, have a few old enamel signs, a couple of motorcycles both Vincent HRD, one 1936 and one 1952.

My main interest is big stationary engines and tractors with marine engines running third. The Scott twin marine engine, as in photo, is very old, 1902, and very likely the only twin made. Scott also made one lunger's and only about 30 of these. He ceased business in 1910 and went to H. V. McKay in Victoria, Australia to design two stroke stationary engines known as Sunshine's. This Scott of mine was made at Mannum, only 80 miles from where I live. This engine is marked A1 so is certainly the first one. The maker's son, who died last year at 97, stated that as far as his record showed, they made only the one twin and that it was the very first engine they made. It is virtually complete and I will be trying to get it going this year.

As you will see by the photos: my Detroit looks just the same as yours but would be the 4-5HP. I do have the Schebler carburetor for it and it has a slide type of throttle so slow speed running should be controllable.

As in photo, that green tractor is a John Deere model AR and that is me loading it on a truck as I had just sold it. Thought you would like the photo of the paddle boat. It is new and not quite finished. It is powered by two 460HP Volvo engines and has hydraulic motors each end of paddle shaft, and is named Murray Explorer. Old yellow tractor is an IHC Titan 10-20 of 1919 being towed into my shed by me on a Massey-Harris Pacemaker tractor.

Stationary engine on transport trucks is a 1917 5HP kerosene engine, a Ronaldson and Tippett Bros, made in Ballaratt, Victoria, Australia and weighs 32 cwt, I take this to local shows etc. My means of towing large trailer is a 1979 Ford F100 5.8 litre engine.

Will keep sending a few photos at a time of my collection and some of the part of this country we live in.

We don't have the low temperatures that you have. Our lowest would be frost a couple times a year. Say 30 degrees up to a hot 105-110 some summers, but mostly a very moderate climate. We live about 4 miles from the sea and about 1000 ft. above sea level in hilly country that is mostly dairying industry. The part of the state is called Fleurieu Peninsula (Fleurieu is French for flowers). We have an abundance of native flowers that this part of the country is noted for. We also have hundreds of native kangaroos living by us. We often see them within 100 yards of our back door. We live about 3 miles out of the town of Myponga that is 40 miles from our nearest city of Adelaide.

I am 54, my wife 51 and we have a daughter, two sons and 41/2 grandchildren. I am an invalid pensioner so don't have much money to spend on my hobbies. We live on the boundary of a city water supply dam, hence the kangaroos tend to take over unstocked bush land. I am proud to say this letterhead and club logo is my design and the art work by my daughter.

I was the instigator of the club that has just got going. Getting RSI from writing so will leave more for next time, thanks again, Ernie.