Johnson Utilimotor Rope Start


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3012 S. Catherine, Lansing, MI 48911

I have been going to shows and collecting engines for over twenty years, and I had never seen a rope start Johnson engine. At the Buckley, Michigan Show 1990 I saw one, but the owner wasn't sure what it was because it didn't have a tag. I told him it was like a Johnson that I had, but mine had a cast iron base and a kick start. I tried to buy it, but he said he wanted to restore it.

I found mine at an auction about two months later in Lansing, Michigan. It has a cast aluminum base and a cast iron muffler that comes apart in two pieces. I have never seen a muffler like it. While cleaning it up, I found traces of grey paint the same as I had found on my other Johnson, so I think that must be original.

It had no spark, but after cleaning up the mag and a new spark plug wire, it had a good spark. The check valve gave me the most trouble, because it was gummed up really bad. I put a new spark plug in it, cleaned the brass and aluminum, then put on a new paint job. It now starts and runs real nice.