Jaeger 3 HP FW Engine

Jaeger 3 HP FW Engine

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1005 Main Street Hampstead, Maryland 21074.

Art Ward, 1005 Main St., Hampstead, Maryland 21074, sent this photo of a Jaeger 3 HP FW engine his wife bought in September 1991. Look inside for his restoration story.

My wife purchased the Hercules (Jaeger) 3 HP, FW #278226 engine on the cover in September of 1991. It had been kept outside and hadn't been run since the early 1970s.

The engine was painted green, but many years of sitting out in the weather had taken its toll. The paint was peeling and the rust had fused many parts together. We immediately went to work. Piece by piece we tore the engine apart. We left no nut, bolt or cotter pin unturned. We removed all of the old paint, wire brushed and sanded every part.

We visited many of the end of the year shows in nearby Pennsylvania to purchase books and parts that needed to be replaced.

My wife designed the cart and I constructed it out of oak. We painted each part and started to rebuild the engine.

About eight weeks from the day of purchase, we had the engine back together and ready to start. After a few adjustments to the timing gears, the engine fired and runs beautifully today. This is the first time we had ever experienced anything like this, since we had never owned an engine before. Now we are hooked and have a bad case of engine fever. To date we have eight engines and looking for more. Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Brown and the Beeker family.