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Tractor and John Deere plow

Courtesy of Wm. S. Morganfield, 402 E. Second Street, Winner, South Dakota 57580.

Tom Lewis

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Schlosser & Shook-Better known as AS&S Gas Engine Restorers, Box 485, Waterloo, Indiana 46793.

Big 4 Tractor and John Deere plow breaking prairie, south of Winner in 1910. Two plows were removed as eight were too much to handle and make any time. Outfit was new at the time photo was taken. I still have the plow. I still have both breaker and stubble bottoms.

W. E. Sparks is shown to left and E. E. Ely is near steering wheel. Don't know the boy but he is no doubt a granddad now.

May we introduce ourselves to your fine organization of gas engine hobbiests? We are Albright, Schlosser and Shook and we became interested about a year ago with one engine.

A brief background of our people is as follows. Vince Albright operates a body and paint shop and is a skilled mechanic as well. Paul Schlosser operates a general garage and has spent many years as a mechanic on engines, both steam and gasoline, and is the master mechanic of our organization. Myself, Henry Shook, have worked with the old gas engines as a boy and operated tractors from the old Titans and Moguls as well as the old Fordsons. Currently, I operate an Automotive Parts Jobbing house, equipped with machining facilities as well as cleaning, expediting parts, that can be altered to serve our needs.

With these facilities and skills we feel that collectively we can contribute much to the restoration and preservation of gas engines.

During the past year we have visited a few of your shows, including the one at Portland, Indiana which we under stand is the Worlds Series of gas engines and we all enjoyed it very much. We saw engines there that we have not seen for years and they brought back memories of the days we spent on the farm in the days of our youth some fifty years ago.

Currently we have about twenty-five engines in our inventory, and one by one, we are restoring these engines to as near 'mint' condition as we feel it is possible to do. This includes mechanical, paint, skids, etc. We are attempting to put these engines in as near as we can, to the condition that they were in the day they were delivered new to the purchaser, including original paint color. The next one will be the 2? HP Novo upright. It has a laminated maple belt pulley.

At this time we have about twelve engines, completely restored, to what we believe are in show condition, both as to mechanics and appearance. By show season we hope to have about twenty restored. These engines will be one of a kind. There will be no duplicates, al though we have several of which we do have duplicates.

With some twenty engines to display, suddenly we recognize a problem. How do you transport about four tons of engines from here to there to attend the shows? We are solving the problem by purchasing a retired 66 passenger school bus and mounting the engines aboard, as a permanent mobil display.

This has been a tremendous challenge. We have made from scratch, altered, modified such items as carburetors, connecting rods, many gaskets, piston, bearings, valves, springs, ignition systems, etc. In the event that our wives do not divorce us and cramp our style via the alimony route, we hope to add something to your organization.

Inventory of Engines: 1 Alpha, 1? HP; 1 Brownwall, 1? HP; 1 Economy, 1? HP; 1 Fairbanks-Morse, 1? HP Mod. D; 1 F&M, 1? HP Model Z; 1 F&M,3 HP Model Z; 1 F&M, 6 HP Model Z; 1 Fuller Johnson, 2? HP; 2 Hercules, 1? HP; *-1 Horton, 1 HP upright; 1 International, 3 HP Model M Kerosene; 1 Jaeger, 1? HP; 2 John Deere, 1? HP; 1  Lansing, 2? HP; 2 McCormick Deering, 1? HP; *-Novo, 2? HP upright; 2  Ottowa, 4 HP; 1 Sandwich, 1? HP; 1 United, 2? HP; Mobil Equipment; 1 66 passenger School Bus.