A Tribute to the Man and his Collection!

Scott Two Stroke Motor

Scott Two Stroke Motor Co., Kansas City, MO. Restored, on trucks, $2,600.

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Archer Auction

Part of the enjoyment of an auction is watching the crowd. They followed each engine intensively with their price sheets in hand. There were plenty of serious buyers, as well as plenty of lookers. A total of 421 bidders registered with Nixon Auctioneers. You could hear the buzz among them from the amazing prices for the rarer engines and even some of the common engines. No bargains to be found that day. Some were disappointed after a fast round of bidding. I'm sure there were plenty who went over their limit as they nervously looked again and again at the engine that was being sold.

Some other highlights of the auction. . . . . . .

2 HP Bullseye, restored on trucks, $9,100

1? HP Stickney on trucks, $5,300

Falk 3 HP sideshaft, $7, 100

4 HP Mogul sideshaft on skids, hopper cooled, 100% complete, restored, $7,500

2 ? HP fluted hopper, on trucks, older restoration, $4,000

2 HP Domestic sideshaft, $ 6,800

Amazingly, this collection of twenty-five years was gone in just several hours. As everyone loaded up their new purchases and left the building, I felt sad that George's engines were going to new homes throughout the United States and Canada. I couldn't tell what George was feeling, but he said to me, 'It was a good sale.'

This rare restored 5? HP Pace Maker #8100 was built by the Temple Pump Co., Chicago, Illinois. This inverted engine sold for $9,000.

1? HP StaRite engine built by the StaRite Engine Co., LaCrosse, Wisconsin. This engine #2463 with 450 RPM and round flywheels sold for $3,000.

This restored engine was built by the Kewanee Water Supply Co., Kewanee, Illinois. Two of these engines were up for auction. One sold for $4,000 and the other for $2,025.

This restored 3 HP Sultan engine was built by the Whitman Agricultural Co., St. Louis, Missouri. This #3566 vertical engine runs at 500 RPM. The winning bid was $1,800.