Gene Bush's 'D' Model

John Deere 'D' model

John Deere 'D' model is just over three feet long

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5951 Queens Drive Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

As the length of the yardstick indicates, the late Gene Bush's John Deere 'D' model is just over three feet long. The engine is now on display at the Nebraska State Historical Society, in Lincoln.

The people who have attended the many gas engine meets at Waverly, Nebraska, near Lincoln, will be sure to recognize the built-to-scale 1925 John Deere model 'D' tractor in the picture. The model D was constructed by the late R. E. (Gene) Bush.

Gene was the owner/operator of CM Products of Lincoln. He had many gas engines along with his model D scale model that he showed at meets.

The model D has a Coldwell antique two cylinder engine, a fully operating radiator for cooling made from a car heater, plus a transaxle from a John Deere riding lawn mower tractor for gear change.

Gene's outstanding ability and talent show he completely constructed the wheels, front axle, rolling hitch drawbar, and clutch mechanism.

The tractor was dwarfed by the Oil Pulls, regular size tractors and machinery in the parade of power at Waverly, but Gene would start his little D John Deere and proudly walk behind it, turning heads in amazement when it went by operating on its own power.

After Gene passed away his wife, Dorothy was concerned about the little tractor's future. After contemplating she decided to let many people enjoy the product of Gene's hands and relate themselves to the era when the antique D was made.

Mrs. Dorothy Bush donated the tractor to the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln for display, where it will be enjoyed by all who come to see it.

I can only praise Gene on having known him and having had him as a friend. He will be missed by all who knew him.