Gday, Mates!



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37 Seaham Street Holmesville, 2286, Australia

Gee! I just can't leave these models alone!

The Monitor was built from Richard Daoust. A wonderful set of castings. But not a first model project!

The Champion is from Australian castings of a copy of Fuller and Johnson's N model, built in Sydney by Buzacott for many years. Half size. (Hope that makes sense!)

The Canfield is from Debolt castings, on a transport produced by Dick Shelly. I feel that the transport really finishes off the model. Good one, Dick!

The next effort will be a half size English Gardner 'O.' Castings from Alyn Foundry U.K. I will send pictures on completion.

I'm desperately saving now for another trip to your country to see all my engine mates there. Another two years should see the coffers holding enough. (I hope!)

Okay, that's all from your Aussie mate this time! Cheers! Reg.