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“P” engines


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Topeka, Kan.

Company: Piersen Telegraph Transmitter Co.
Horsepower: 5
RPM: 950
Serial number: A347
Year: Possibly 1921 or 1922
Bore: 4-inch
Stroke: 5-inch
Weight: 350 pounds
Flywheel width: 3-1/2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 16 inches
Governing: throttle-governed
Ignition: Dixie trip impulse magneto replaced by a Fairbanks
Unique features: This engine was designed by E.B. Cushman, has hollow flywheels, a built-in radiator, and a hollow crankshaft with a floating coupler that carries coolant back and forth to the engine. The valves are angled in the head and one rocker runs both valves.

Owner: Chuck Hartle, 10899 Hawthorn Road, Plymouth, IN 46563; (574) 935-4029


Mishawaka, Ind.

Company: Perkins Windmill Co.
Horsepower: 3
Serial number: 3494
Year: 1910
Bore: 5-inch
Stroke: 6-inch
Weight: 1,000 pounds
Flywheel width: 2-1/2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 26 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss, vertical flyball governor
Ignition: igniter, battery and coil, battery saver
Unique features: sideshaft

Owner: Glenn Karch, 20601 Old State Road, Haubstadt, IN 47639; (812) 867-5266;


Vernon, N.Y.

Company: George D. Pohl Mfg. Co.
Model: Farmer's Favorite
Year: 1913
Horsepower: 6
Serial number: 1657
Bore: 5-1/2-inch
Stroke: 9-inch
Weight: 1,200 pounds
Flywheel width: 1-1/2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 36 inches
Governing: throttle-governed
Ignition: igniter, battery and coil

Owner: Woody Sins, 3 Edna Terrace, New Hartford, NY 13413;

Pontiac Tractor Co.

Pontiac, Mich.

Year: 1916-1920
Bore: 3-3/4-inch
Stroke: 4-inch
Weight: 200 pounds
Flywheel width: 2-1/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 14 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss ; throttle-governed
Ignition: battery, spark plug, buzz coil
Unique feature: Camshaft and igniter run by a bike chain.

Owner of above engines: Joseph Tiltman, 304 Center St., Holly, MI 48442; (248) 634-7996

Model: A
Type: XL
Year: 1930
Horsepower: 4
Serial number: 1071
Bore: 3-3/4-inch
Stroke: 4-inch
Weight: 225 pounds
Flywheel width: 2-5/16 inches
Flywheel diameter: 14-1/8 inches
Governing: throttle-governed
Ignition: battery and buzz coil
Unique features: Roller main bearings, re-tagged by Frost Insecticide Co., Arlington, Mass. Both Pontiac engines seen above and below are headless, have fully enclosed crankcases, Mayer carburetors, flywheels slotted to drive a sprayer pump and bosses in the hopper to heat insecticide mix and cool the engine.

Owner of engines: Douglas R. Kimball, 6 Wildflower Lane, Kennebunk, ME 04043;

Year: 1920s
Bore: 3-3/4-inch
Stroke: 4-inch
Weight: 200 pounds
Flywheel width: 2-1/16 inches
Flywheel diameter: 13-7/8 inches
Governing: throttle-governed
Ignition: battery and buzz coil
Unique features: Babbitt main bearings

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