1-3/4 HP Little Jumbo gas engine

Magneto bracket, spark plug and valves on 1-3/4 HP Little Jumbo gas engine, Model T, Serial T-6149.

R. N. McCray

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2000 Virginia Heights Dr., Blue field, W. Va. 24701

My first exposure to the world of the one lungers came at the age of 15 when I spent several weeks with my Grandmother McCray in Elgin, Pa. and wore out the little banger that ran her washing machine. Forty eight years have not erased the fun and now, finally, I have one of my own so I can resume playing.

This one, a present from my son, is a 1-3/4 HP, 500 RPM Little Jumbo, Serial No. T-6149 made by Nelson Brothers in Saginaw, Michigan. Originally, it was fired with a magneto but the mag is missing and someone converted it to battery power on which it runs fine.

Then I subscribed to G.E.M. and ordered several years of back issues and this fine magazine was just like getting a truck load of restored engines. I sure have enjoyed every issue of it and all the news and information about this wonderful hobby makes me wish I had all the issues.

Anyway, I took the magneto bracket of the Little Jumbo to the show at Bridgewater, Va. and must have asked 25 experts if they could identify the magneto but came away without a reply. Since then I've written letters to many others but the replies all come back - 'Sorry, but I don't know'.

I'm enclosing a picture of the bracket mounted on the cranking side of the engine and would appreciate your reproducing it with a request for help in identifying the magneto. Unless there is an auxiliary bracket used, the one in the photo does not fit a Wico, Bosch or Webster Tri-polar - so what else is there?

I've enjoyed the poems in your newsy column so much that they have inspired me to write this limerick:

There was a young man named Gunn, Who ran his gas engine for fun. One day it ran away And Gunn said 'Hey, Hey, That'll teach you, you son of a Gunn'.

Be interesting to see what other two first lines would be offered by the readers of your column.

I haven't seen any commercial advertising in G.E.M. that didn't deal directly with engines, tractors and their parts and wonder if this is your policy or if most companies do not know of your well circulated magazine. There is a mighty fine product on the market that would be of great help to anyone dismantling frozen, rusted or stuck parts. It's known as Kroil and is marketed by the Kano Laboratories in Nashville, Tenn. They advertise in trade publications and I feel they would be interested in space in G.E.M. if they knew about it.

Kroil is the most amazing 'unsticker' I've ever worked with. You soak frozen parts in it for a few hours or up to a week and they come apart with almost no effort. You would be doing us restorers a favor by running an ad for Kroil. If you don't want to run an ad for it, I'll be glad to write a testimonial.

Many thanks for such a fine magazine that covers the field so well.

Magneto bracket, spark plug and valves on 1-3/4 HP Little Jumbo gas engine, Model T, Serial T-6149.