1935 3/4 HP Maytag Company Engine

Engines A to Z: 1935 3/4 HP Maytag Company engine

1935 3/4 HP Maytag Company Engine

This 1935 3/4 HP Maytag is owned by Madeleine Barbian; the custom paint job is courtesy of her grandpa.

Photo courtesy Madeleine Barbian

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Manufacturer: The Maytag Company, Newton, Iowa
Model: 92
Year: 1935
Serial number: 606710
HP: 3/4
Ignition: Magneto Type FYED4
Additional info: Madeleine, age 6, likes to work with grandpa on rusty iron. She wanted this engine painted pink with a purple cart.

Owner: Madeleine Barbian,
c/o Charlie Barbian
Alexandria, Kentucky

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