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B T engine

Andre Racicot of 129 Clark, Sherbrooke, Quebec sent this photo of his B T engine.

Andre Racicot

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129 Clark, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J1J 2N4

Well, I bought it on the 13th day of June 1987. I drove 1300 miles to get it. I saw 13 ZILLION of ZILLION of potatoes, at place called Prince Edward Island. The island is number one place for potatoes in Canada. She's my 13th engine but cost a lot more than 13 dollars.

I'd shown my twelve engines to my cousin visiting me. He told me, 'Heck! In Prince Edward Island' (where he has been 13 years) 'there are more engines per square mile than there are beans in a big can of beans.'

So I persuaded the wife to go to Prince Edward Island. Not too much trouble there, but I want to go two months before the regular holiday not to miss anything, not to be late. Trouble, but we manage. So there we go engine hunting again for the fifth year in a row.

Prince Edward Island, yippie! Engine yes, but not a big can of beans, maybe a spoonful. Broken or rusted beyond repairing, or good but too expensive, or good but I don't want to sell, or want to sell but too big and I'm staying in the city, small place, small engine. Decide to drive home after one week with no engine. Got home 9:30 p.m. exhausted. I was going straight to bed. Nothing would make me move. I still have the key in the door, phone starts ringing. School friend 30 miles from my place. No Hello!

'Been trying to get you on the phone for five days. I bought you a small $%&*$@*(?) engine like you want. I've been carrying that #$&*%$@* thing in my car trunk for five days and everyday that $%*%^$#@* thing makes a new dent in my car trunk. You know about my sore back? It's worse! Yes I hurt my back putting that engine in my car trunk and tomorrow morning I've got to go on a long trip and that #$%$%&* thing is not coming for the ride. Out it goes tonight!'

I started explaining how exhausted I was.

'It's coming out in an hour or I'll brake that %&*#$ thing with a hammer. My back is still able to pick up fifty pounds at this time and you'll have to pay me the agreed price for that %&**$#@ thing.'

We had previously discussed what amount I was willing to pay for a small engine. Got to his place. We transfer to my pickup. He was not too friendly. I paid him. While he was still counting the scratches and dents in his car trunk he was holding his back. No coffee, no beer, I just drove back home. Engine looked o.k.

Early next morning: It's a B. T. engine in perfect condition. Valve springs, gears everything tight, no leaking, unbelievable compression. That will be a great piece of cake to restore. Small Webster one band. Well it's on the left side. No sparks. I took it apart and it was like new inside, no oil or dust even. Coils look like brand new shoe lace. I put it back together and charged it. Cranked the engine a couple of times. It ran 3 hours and I crank, crank, crank, one blister. Ran twenty minutes. Stop. No more running.

I send the Webster to a good friend in the U.S.A. He's got a super duper magneto charger. I received it back.

'Just pay the shipping', he said. I put it back on the engine after a couple of cranks, ran it again, 3 hours. Stop. Crank, crank, crank, another blister! Ran it an hour more. Stop. Crank, crank, crank...blister getting bigger. Ran it 20 minutes. Stop. I sent it back to him. He puts in a new bearing and charged it again.

Again I put it on the engine. Crank a couple of times. Boy! It ran nicely. Oh yes for three hours! Stop. Crank, crank, crank, no more blisters, got gloves. Start to run it, one hour, stopped again. Crank, crank, crank, it ran for twenty minutes and it stopped. Nothing.

Hey! I put stronger spring on the magneto, new check valve, new gas tank, even the copper pipe was changed and still wouldn't run.

I called my good friend in the U.S. and explained to him what happened. Within one week I received five pages of document with pictures explaining right and left sides of the magneto. But everything is perfect according to his documentation.

Now 2 1/2 years have gone by and I've seen one other expert charge it and reverse the inside out of the magneto. Charge it. But you can almost set your watch on what my engine is going to do. Runs three hours. Stop. Two hours. Stop. 20 minutes. Stop. Nothing. Oh yes it will run all day with battery and coil. I've got plenty of big Webster. That's the only small one I've got. I'm still looking for a small Webster. Anybody see an engine running like that before ? I'm willing to buy anything. Is it because there is too many 13ths? Will I have to get that magneto exorcised?