Engine Shows

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442 CT Highway 39, Worcester, New York 12197

Which way are you going
North, South, East or West
This engine show, that engine show
They all are the best.

Hercules, Jaeger, Associate
They all seem appropriate
Titan, Fairbanks Morse
Some being only one horse.

The Standard, The Ottaway
We have all once saw
Have no worry have no fear
For there will be an ol' John Deere

Did I happen to mention
The old antique engine
Ideal, Mogul, Maytag
All wiped down with a rag.

On the tip of my tongue
The engine called Tom Thumb
Old makes of tractors
All are a major factor.

Pedal tractors, Pedal Cars
Races to see how far
Auctions with a cherry pie
Thrown high into the sky.

Model A's, Model T's
Never know what you will see
Take it from me
The best part is it's free.

Why do we go to these engine shows
I don't think anyone really knows
Hard work that's the way it goes
But a lot of fun at these ol' engine shows.

All nice people you meet
Always there with a greet
With an engine at their feet
Aren't these Engine Shows really neat?