Engine ID, Pontiac Cooling Systems, and Other Stories

In this wide-ranging contribution, the writer provides a partial engine ID in response to a past inquiry, differences between old Pontiac cooling systems and those in contemporary vehicles, recalls a successful Overland cars salesman, and reports on a boiler explosion.

Rather than guess at the engine ID, we'll just tell you. This is a 35-22 2-cylinder horizontal opposed open crankcase gasoline tractor and is a very unusual machine. It was madeabout 1911 by Gould, Sharpley & Muir of Brantford, Ontario.They made horizontal opposed tractors about this time and about1920 made the Beaver, a 4 cylinder vertical tractor with frictiondrive. They went out of business about 1925. Pioneer Museum ofWetaskiwin, Alberta is restoring it. It is radiator cooled. The man at right is holding thecam-shaft. This shaft runs alongside both cylinders. It is drivenby a skew gear and pinion from the crankshaft. On each end are a setof cams that operate the vertical inlet and exhaust valves. It has2 magnetos and 2 carburetors; one gear driven governor governs thespeed on both carburetors. The clutch is in the left pulley on theright side. It is gear driven and has two speeds forward, 2 & 4MPH., and one reverse. It has sight feed oilers and a mechanicaloil pump.