Early Day Engine Club of Sandwich Illinois

Unique Model Tractor

Verle Johnson

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Route 2, Marseilles, Illinois 61341

Thank you for your informative publication. You are a true friend of all Engine collectors, be it Steam or Gas. I would like to tell you a little something about our club which might be of interest to you and your readers.

We, here in the North Central part of Illinois, formed a Gas Engine Club in 1970 for the preservation of the old one lungers, and for our own enjoyment also. We have for the last three years sponsored a Gas Engine show along with our local Antique Car club at the Sandwich Fairgrounds which is the oldest Fairgrounds in the state with beautiful Oak trees on it for plenty of shade. Also, this Fairground is less than a mile from where the Sandwich Gas Engine was manufactured. Naturally there are quite a few of these engines at the show and of great interest to the members of our club. We try to hold this show on the last Sunday of June; this year it will be on the 29th of June.

Our first show in 1972 was of modest size with a great deal of enthusiasm from our members and from the people viewing our efforts of preservation. We raffled off a Sandwich Vari Speed engine at this show which created quite a bit of interest.

Our second show gained even more engines for exhibition and a much larger crowd. At this show we raffled off a 1-1/2 H.P. John Deere engine. Both years the engines were won by boys in their early teens, and they have both become very avid fans of the engine collecting hobby.

Unique Model Tractor by Don Musback, Grafton, Wisconsin pulling a very old small wooden wheels wagon, powered by 1-1/2 HP Sandwich engine.

All pictures from our 1974 Show.

Courtesy of Verle Johnson, R.R. 2, Marseilles, Illinois 61341

Don Anderson and his rare Independent engine manufactured in Piano, Illinois by the Independent Harvester Company. Don lives in Piano.

Bud Barton and Paul Moss displaying our club sign in front of Model Traction Engine made up of parts from the scrap pile on the farm, powered by 2-1/2 HP Famous engine -Ken Johnson's pet.

Gordon Ferguson and Dave Karl by Gordon's immaculate Sandwich & Fuller & Johnson engines

Our show in 1974 was a huge success. We had 147 engines at the show and well over 60 beautifully restored antique cars exhibited. The weather was beautiful, and with the huge crowd that attended made it a perfect day for all. At this show, we gave each exhibitor a china plate with a Gas Engine and our name on it. They also received a plaque for coming. This year we are once again giving a plate. The engine featured will be a Four Horse Sandwich Engine also accompanied by a plaque to be presented to each exhibitor.

The enthusiasm of the exhibitors and the comment of the spectators have made us determined to try even harder this year to present a show that all will enjoy and remember. The participation of all members, helping in every respect of conducting a well organized show was very evident.