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Well, autumn is here and winter's on its way. I'm always glad to see the change in the seasons; even to winter. We've had a pleasant summer and have made many new friends at the shows we attended and through the mail. Many many thanks to those of you who helped us by selling our magazines and books at the reunions across the country. Next year we hope to have a representative at every show. If yours had no representative this year, and you would be interested, drop us a line.

Mr. John W. Hayter, 414 North Lee Street, Bloomington, Illinois is looking for someone to write an article on or give him information on the principles and use of hot air engines.

Phil King, Maple Street, Granville, Massachusetts writes that in case no one has answered Tom Hobbis question on the old outboard, Phil's father who was an outboard dealer for 40 years says Caille was a maker of motors for quite a few years. They made the famous Caille 'Red Head' racing engine.

E. S. Coffman, Box 458, Leechburg, Pennsylvania tells us that in his travels he has found three large engines and compressors that some of our organizations or members may be glad to know about. They are in nice condition in a building and would make a drawing attraction for any show and he believes they can be had at junk prices. They are a Clark, 70' wide, 21 ft. long. Fly wheels 7 ft. diameter. 5?' wide, 8' deep, 80 H.P.180 R.P.M. Made in Olean, New York. The second is a Bessemer, 80' wide, 20 ft. long, 16' bore, 180 R.P.M., 80 H.P., flywheels 80' diameter, 12' wide. The third is a Bessemer 80 H.P., 180 R.P.M., 16x20 engine. Air cylinder 14x20. 86' flywheel (one only).

Roger Eshelman, Box 63, College Springs, Iowa is having trouble getting information on the C.H. & E. gas engine that he has. The information on the side of the water hopper is as follows: C.H. & E. Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, Wis. The number on the side of the hopper is 5154. Is this the serial number? Could anyone tell him what C.H. & E. Stands for, the horsepower, and the age of the engine? The bore is 4 3/4' by 6?' stroke. It is a horizontal engine, hit and miss, and uses a buzzer coil and spark plug. He also has an upright, double flywheel, hit and miss, 2 hp Novo gas engine on which he can't determine the color. It was either gray or green, but there are certain parts that show a gold metallic paint. Could someone tell him the original colors and if there was any striping?

I had a letter from Louis Chapo, 2530 Ione Street, Sacramento, California who vacationed in Iowa this year. He writes, 'I want to pass on to the nation that I have seen a farmer there with four(4) BARNS full of old machinery and especially gas engines. This all belongs to Albert Schreiner of Hubbard, Iowa. Everyone is welcome to his one man show. He does not advertise it in fact you wouldn't know it exists except for the old timers in the area who may mention that this collection exists. Almost everything is in runable and workable condition. He is a creative and inventive person in his own right. It's a shame that more people do not know of this place, and that's why I'm telling you. His collection consists of a Monitor, Cushman, FM, and a multitude of other make and break engines, both water and air cooled. He has old wagons, buggies, Model T's, farming equipment, a one horse tread mill in new condition. Vintage clothes, buttons, tools, kitchen utensils, furniture, victrolas, fire engine and you name it he has it. He has a museum of his own that really belongs to all and its there for all to see.' Mr. Chapo has two engines of his own that he needs information on. The first is a 2? HP Fairbank Morse, for which he needs carburetor, rocker arm and rocker arm support, fender, valves and springs. The other is a 1? HP Fairbank Morse for which he needs to know what type and where he can find a battery. The battery box and coil box are together and it appears that a small dry charged battery is used.

Mr. D. A. Petree, Route 2, Box 2226, Gig Harbor, Washington has a Brownwall Gas Engine, hit and miss type with bore and stroke of 4?' x 6', water cooled, the flywheels are 17?' x 2?' face. He would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about this type of engine.

Gary Heckman, Route 4, Columbia City, Indiana is trying to find out the company that made the following engine and if there are any catalogs available on this particular engine.

From Virgil Gerdes, Route 1, Morrison, Illinois. 'Could I interrupt your coffee sipping long enough to have you tell those Fordson owners who might need repairs that gold has been discovered! Their troubles are over! Sunshine has broken through the dark clouds! The Millenium is here. There is a man in northeastern Illinois who has fordson repairs on top of Fordson repairs, stood in between Fordson repairs that are under Fordson repairs that rest on Fordson repairs (Don't worry they are all numbered). One item that is now hard to get is pistons. He has them for American Fordsons, Irish Fordsons, English Ford-sons and maybe even Arabian and Jewish, if they ever made them that way. This man bought out the midwest distributor for Fordson tractors and parts when the outfit closed shop. He seems to have almost everything from the bronze worm gear on up to that little do-dad that holds the radiator cap on, you know, the thing the threads wear out on. He not only has new parts, but good used parts that are inside and well cared for. There is no junk among these Fordson repairs So if the old bus needs any parts, write to Roscoe Stelford and Sons, Route 1, Box 146, Hampshire, Illinois. Phone 312-464-5448. Long live the Fordsons'

I received a letter from Ralph Frech, Lebanon, South Dakota who seems to be quite an expert on the Model T Ford. He also tells us that the engine on page 12 of September October GEM looks much like the Associated Gas Engine that was made in Waterloo, Iowa and used on some cream separators and washing machines.

I received a card from a R. Plunkett, Valley Forge, Pa. asking that whoever left a note on his gas engine contact him again. The note was lost.

May I suggest that you look through our Christmas Shopping List and give 'Steam' or 'Gas' for Christmas.

To our friends across the country. Christmas in lands of the fir tree and pine, Christmas in lands of the palm tree and vine, Christmas where snow peaks stand solemn and white, Christmas where corn fields lie sunny and bright. Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight. May yours be most blessed.