Buffalos And Old Iron

Buffalo power vs. horsepower

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1108 Emery Lane Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

Engine collectors from all across Indiana and Kentucky gathered May 7, 8, and 9, 1992 for the rebirth of the Buffalo Festival in Needmore, Indiana.

Once again Art and Jane Stewart were the hosts, and the scenic Need-more Buffalo Ranch came alive with power from the past, complete with cowboys and Indians.

Spectators viewed the gas engines and tractors, then gathered in the Stewarts' quaint and picturesque ranch restaurant for a tasty meal of buffalo cheeseburgers and buffalo chili.

Cowboys rounded up several bank robbers (just for fun!), and, to the delight of the crowd, carried the culprits off to jail.

The sharp bark from the exhaust of Pete Kubula's (Louisville, Ky.) big Reid and the smooth sound from Ron Frauel's (Corydon, In.) Bessemer thrilled the crowd the entire weekend.

The Indian teepees dotted the beautiful rolling hills of the Stewarts' ranch. The buffalo herds and the crystal clear creeks were a welcome sight to all the visitors.

Bigger and better things are being planned for future events.

Keep this annual gathering in mind when making plans for next summer. The beautiful scenery, the buffalo herds, and the old iron make for a very pleasant weekend!

Buffalo power vs. horsepower. I suppose this ended in a dead heat. The big question: how to calculate buffalo power? The buffalo seem undaunted by Ron Frauel's Bessemer.