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Carl Stewart's 1- HP

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Carl Stewart's 1- HP Bohon, made by the Nelson Bros. Co. of Saginaw, Mich. Nelson made engines for numerous companies.

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Carl Stewart's 1- HP Bohon, made by the Nelson Bros. Co. of Saginaw, Mich. Nelson made engines for numerous companies.

Carl Stewart's friends have always wondered why his engines have never graced these pages. Seeing his engines for the first time, we had to ask the same question. Carl's been collecting and restoring gas engines for decades, and his work is nothing short of fantastic, especially when you consider he does all the work himself, and without the benefit of an outfitted shop. Carl lives in town, and does all his work in his garage and back yard, including his beautiful paint jobs. According to Carl, one man saw his engines, came over to his house, and while they were standing in Carl's back yard the man said, 'I want to see your paint shop.' 'You're standing in it,' Carl replied.

The exact age of Carl's 1- HP Bohon is unknown, but it likely dates to the early 1920s, as evidenced by its Webster oscillating magneto. The engine was actually built by the Nelson Bros. Co., Saginaw, Mich., which built engines for a number of other companies. Bearing serial number 3228, the engine's nameplate says: The D.T. Bohon Co., Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

The D.T. Bohon Co. was in fact a hardware store and mail order house in Harrodsburg, Ky., and according to some sources the company also was involved in the manufacture of phonographs. How long they operated is unknown. It is likely they closed doors during the Depression years.

Carl lives right down the road from Harrodsburg in Owenton, and had long wanted to add a Bohon to his collection. He finally found the engine pictured here in the fall of 2000, and aside from the new yellow paint job he's applied to it he hasn't had to do much else. Why yellow? 'All I ever saw was that color, yellow,' Carl says, acknowledging, however, that when he acquired this engine it was red. Even so, it got the yellow treatment that was Bohon's signature color.

Carl also owns a 1 HP IHC Mogul, a 2 HP sideshaft 1916 Domestic, a 1- HP 1913 Chore Boy, and recently acquired a 1- HP Galloway 'Handy Andy.' Carl says it has a bent crank, no valves, no valve springs, and burnt valve seats. Even so, Carl will likely have his Galloway looking, and running, as nicely as his Bohon in short order.

Contact engine enthusiast Carl Stewart at: 106 Sunset Dr., Owenton, KY 40359, (502)484-2718.