Australian Vintage Machinery Congress

6 HP Austral oil engine

A 1925 6 HP Austral oil engine made by the Australian firm of Ronaldson Tippett of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. This particular engine was returned to the factory and re-built in 1944. Owned and restored by David Aitken, Seville, Victoria. A Brian Pump

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Box 1200 Caboolture, Queensland, 4510 Australia

TOMM (The Old Machinery Mart) Magazine and Highcliff Travel (Australia) have planned a 25 day Australian Congress, a special personalised tour featuring Australia's mechanical heritage and machinery collectors, that will begin on the 27th of April 1991.

The tour is limited to only forty antique machinery enthusiasts, including spouses, who would like to visit a wide range of Australian heritage museums and villages, attend rallies, and view Australia's unique attractions. The aim is to provide a personalised tour based around a common interest of mechanical heritage. We are able to introduce our visitors to Australia by visiting a range of selected venues in order to present an overall picture of Australia's early mechanical endeavors and life style.

All transport and accommodation arrangements will be provided to tour the Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Orientation tours of the capital cities and the Australian capital, Canberra, with central accommodation in such places are planned. Also included are the main tourist attractions within reach of the planned route, with an optional Australian Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock tour at the conclusion of the Machinery Congress.

Special invitations to visit collections of gas engines, tractors, steam and farming equipment make this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Working demonstrations are guaranteed. Two machinery rallies are included. One in Victoria at a permanent rally ground has a wide range of working machinery including a 27 ton working steam shovel. The second machinery rally, the Third Australian National Meet, will be held at Goolwa at the mouth of the Murray River (Australia's largest) with all its associated historical features.

All museums, historical villages, clubs, and individuals involved in this programme, first of its kind, are preparing a special welcome for their fellow enthusiasts from the U.S.A. Early registration of delegates is a must. Write now for your brochure and registration details.

Note: Canadian subscribers to GEM will be most welcome to participate in the Congress.

Dates: Saturday 27th April 1991, arrive in Sydney, New South Wales.

Wednesday 15th May, end of the Machinery Congress and a morning departure to the U.S.A. for those tour members that do not take part in the optional Post Congress Tour.

Tuesday 21st May, morning departure for the U.S.A. for the members who took part in the Post Congress Tour.

Includes: All transport, including the return flight to the U.S.A., and accommodation in Australia are included in the package.

For further information, write to: Ian Stewart, Australian Vintage Machinery Congress, Box 1200, Caboolture, Queensland, 4510, Australia. You can also phone Australia 7-359-6651 (Ken Osetroff), or Fax Australia 7-359-1263.