As I Saw It Part XII

Hart-Parr Tractor

Courtesy of Dave Babcock, R. F. D. 3, Box 673, Cass City, Michigan 48726.

Dave Babcock

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Route 4, Huntington, Indiana 46750

1915 La Crosse Tr. Co. La Crosse, Wis. 'Happy Farmer' 12/24. quit in 1924.

1917  The Lang Tr. Co. Minneapolis. 'Lang 15/30'. Had power steering. Lang Crude Oil & Diesel, made in England, distributed in Canada.

1914 Lambert Gas Tr. Co. Anderson, Ind. 'Lambert' one cyl.

1912  Lambert Gas & Gasoline Eng. Co. Anderson, Ind. 'Lambert Steel Hoof'. 20 HP. Laughlin Tr. Co. Marshall, Tex. 'Model C 27 HP. Homer Laughlin Eng. Corp. Los Angeles, Cal. 'Laughlin Husky 12/25'.

1922 L. A. Auto Tr. Co. Los Angeles, Cal. 'Little Bear 4/8'.

1914 or 1916 Lawter Tr. Co. St. Marys, O. 'Ohio 45 HP'. 2 drive wheels in front, 1 in rear.

1903 Lauson Bros. Milwaukee, Wis.

1913  John Lauson Mfg. Co. New Holstein, Wis. 15/25 & 18/36. Quit in 1932. Leader Eng. Co. Grand Rapids, Mich. 'Leader'. Leader Tr. Mfg. Co. Des Moines, la. 'Leader'.

1918  Lennox Motor Car Co. Boston, Mass. 'Lennox 22/30'.

1920 Leonard Tr. Co. Joliet, Ill. & Gary, Ind. '20/35 4 wheel drive'. Liberty Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Liberty 18/32'. Linn Mfg. Co. Morris, N. Y. Model 23 Semi-Crawler.

1917 Lion Tr. Co. Minneapolis. 'Lion 8/16' 2 cyl. R. A. Lister & Co. Ltd. Winnipeg, Can. 'Lang'.

1917 Lind Drive Tr. Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 'Lind Drive 18/30'. Little Giant Co. Mankato, Minn. A 26/35, B 16/22'.

1920 Lombard Auto Tk Corp. N. Y. City. 'Semi Crawler Truck'.

1922 London Motor Plow Co. Springfield, O. 'Model S 12/25'. Long Mfg. Co. Tarboro, N. C. 'Long 26 to 29 HP'.

1914 Louisville Notor Plow Co. Louisville, Ky. '10/20'. Love Tr. Co. Eau Claire, Wis. 'Love Three Plow'.

1950 Harry Lowther Co. Joliet, Ill. bought out Custom of Shelby-ville, Ind.

1918 Lyons Atlas Co. Indianapolis, Ind. 16/26 4 cyl.

1920 Magnet Tr. Corp. Minneapolis. 'Magnet Model B 14/28'. 4 cyl.

1909 Marschke Motor Plow Co, Valley City, N. D. Marshall & Sons Ltd. Gainesboro, Eng. Had distributor in Winnipeg, Can. Massey Harris Co. Racine, Wis. Matthews Tr. Co. Brockport, N. Y. 'Wheat 12/24'.

1912 Mayer Bros. Mankato, Minn. 'Little Giant B 16/22, A 22/35'. In 1916 this became The Little Giant Inc. same address. Maxim Munitions Corp. N. Y. City. 'Maxim Model A 12/24'. D. M. Mc-Laughlin Co. Emeryville, Cal. Meade Davis Co. Chicago, Ill. '10/22 & 12/25'.

28-50 HP Hart-Parr Tractor. It is a 1930 and one of the very last Hart-Parr built using the horizontal engine. The other is a 12-24,1927, Type E Model.

My 6 HP International, 1922, on a buzz saw cutting wood for my uncle's fireplace. This engine was frozen when I got it, but only needed minor repairs to get it in operating condition. I am 18 years old and I have 15 more engines.

1925 Meade Morrison Mfg. Co. E. Boston, Mass. 'M 55 Crawld' Took over The Bear Tr. Co. Metal Products Corp. Racine, Wis. 'Haas Atomic Tr.'.

1914  Or 1916 McIntyre Mfg. Co. Columbus, O. 'The Farmer Boy 10/18'.

1919 Midget Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Midget 8/12'.

1913 Midland Tr. Co. Detroit, Mich. Two cyl. opp. 4 wheel, three plow.

1915  Mich. Tr. Co. Detroit, reorganized in 1916 as A. T. Harrow Co.

1911 Minn. Threshing Mach. Co. Minneapolis. 25 HP r cyl. verti. eng. Minneapolis Moline Co. Minneapolis, Minn. Complete Line.

1911 Minneapolis Steel & Mach. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Twin City Line'. Minnesota Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Minnesota 18/36'. Minnesota Nilson Corp. Mpls. 'Nilson Jr. 6/25 & 24/36'.

1905 Model Gas Eng. Co. Peru, Ind. 'Model' one cyl.

1914  Moline Plow Co. Moline, Ill. 'Moline Universal Model F & D.' They had bought out the Universal Tr. Co. Columbus, Ohio, in 1913. Monarch Tr. Co, Watertown, Wis. 'Lightfoot 6/10 & D 60 Crawler'.

1915  Monarch Iron Works, San Francisco, Cal. 'Ailing 12 hp.'

1920 Montana Tr. Co. Tinley Park, Ill. 'Montana 15/20' 2 cyl.

1910 Morgan Eng. Works. Alliance, O. Later became The Wallis Tr. Co.

1899 S. S. Morton Tr. Co. York, Pa. Built 12 tractors in 1903.

1912 Morton Plow Co. Columbus, Ohio. 'Morton 26 hp one cyl.'.

1920 Moon Tr. Co. San Francisco, Cal. 'Pathmaker 12/25'. Morton Tk & Tr. Co. Harrisburg, Pa.

1910 G. W. Morris, Racine Wis. & Brant-ford, Ont. 60 HP 4 cyl. only a few made.

This is the oldest one I have (kerosene burner) on a wooden cart. I would like to know the possible date of manufacture and model number.

(These three pictures are of 1% Hp. Fairbank's gas engines. I would like some help in finding information about them.)

(Here's a rare one Fellows! This not only takes the cake--it is the cake. How about that?) It actually is a birthday cake made for George Helmuth by Miss Ruby Schrock of Arthur, Illinois. She copied it off of my 6 HP Monitor engine. George is a good friend of mine too.

(I think that's terrific--Ruby must be quite artistic, quite a baker and quite a woman, I'd say. I think it turned out beautifully and I'm sure took a great deal of time--I wonder if that might be the only 'engine cake' ever made? On the photo it is red icing trimmed in yellow and silver.-- Anna Mae).

l914 Multi Tr. Co. Lincoln, Nebr. 'Multi 12 HP 2 cyl.

1910 Muscatine Motor Co. Muscatine, Ia. 'Golden West'. National Tr. Co. Chicago & Cedar Rapids, Ia. 'F National 12/22'. National Farm Mach. Corp. Bellevue, O. 'Coop'.

1916 National Pulley & Mfg. Co. Chicago. 'Paramount 10/20'. National Imp. Co. Stockton, Cal. 'Harris 4 wheel drive'.

A newer model is on the gravel. It has a Bosch Magneto and it has a Z name-plate. Some other models has a coil and battery for ignition.

1912 Nelson Blower & Furnace Co. Boston, Mass. 'Nelson 4 wheel drive'. Nelson Corp. Chicago, Ill. 4 wheel drive 35/50. New Age Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'New Age 16/28'. New Beeman Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn.

1912 Nevada Tk. & Tr. Co. Nevada, Ia. 'Nevada 60 hp 4 cyl.

1912 Nichols & Shephard Co. Battle Creek, Mich. 'Oil Gas 25/50 & 35/70'.

1916 Nilson Farm Mach. Co. Minneapolis. 3 wheels behind 2 in front.

1919 Nilson Tr. Co. Minneapolis. 'Nil-son Jr. 16/25'.

1919 Ohio General Tr. Co. Cleveland, O. 'Ohio General 25/30'.

1899 Ohio Mfg. Co. Upper Sandusky, O. Made first tractors for Int. Harv. Ohio Tr. Co. Columbus, O. 'Ohio 15/30'. Ohio Tr. Co. Marion, Ohio 20, 30, 45, 70 HP. Made Leader road rollers too.

1918 Ohio Mfg. Co. Upper Sandusky, O. 'Whitney 9/18'. 2 cyl. opp.

1909 Olds Gas Power Co. Lansing, Mich. 20 HP one cyl.

1912 Olmstead Gas Traction Co. Great Falls, Mont. 'Four Wheel Pull 28/40'.

1929 Oliver Corp. Chicago, Ill 'Oliver Hart Parr'.

1920 Oliver Tr. Co. Knoxville, Tenn. 'Oliver 15/30'.

1911 Orchard Tr. Co. Gasport, N. Y. Semi-Crawler.

1894 Otto Co. Philadelphia, Pa. Big I  cyl. 15 HP.

1911 Opsata Motor Plow Co. Eau Claire, Wis. 'Culti Plow 15 & 30 HP. Parker Motor Plow Co. Richmond, Virg. 'Parker'.

1916 Parrett Tr. Co. Chicago, Ill. 'Par-rett 12/25'.

1920 Parrett Motor Corp. Chicago, Ill. 10 BHP Motor Culti. 2 cyl. air cooled. Peerless Motor Tr. Works. Freeport, Ill. 'Excelsior 20 HP 2 cyl.'.

1915 Peoria Tr. Co. Peoria, Ill. 'Peoria 12/25 4 cyl. 3 wheel. $685. Phoenix Mfg. Co. Eau Claire, Wis. 'Centipede Log Hauler 50 HP.

1911 Pioneer Tr. Co. Winona, Minn. 'Pioneer 30/60'.

1918 Plano Tr. Co. Piano, Ill. 'Motox 25 HP'. Plowman Tr. Co. Waterloo, Ia. 'Plowman 15/30'. Pontiac Tr. Co. Pontiac, Mich. 'Pontiac 15/30'. 1 cyl. looks like 8/16 Mogul. Pope Mfg. Co. Water-town, S. D. 'Dakota 15/27'.

1920  Porter Tr. Co. Des Moines & Colfax, Ia. 'Porter 20/40'. Port Huron Tr. Co. Port Huron, Mich. 'Port Huron 12/25'.

1915  Post Tr. Co. Cleveland, O. 'Post Model C 12/20'.

1921  Post Whitney Co. Cleveland, O. Post & Ohio Tr. combined in 1921. Prairie Queen Tr. Mfg. Co. Temple, Tex. 'Prairie Queen 8/16'.

1919 Powell Tr. Co. Elwood, Ind. 'Powell 16/30'.

1919 Power Tk & Tr. Co. Detroit, Mich. 'Power 15/32'.

1912  Quincy Tr. Co. Quincy, Pa. Big one cyl. looked like early Int. Harv.

1919 Redden Tk & Tr. Co. Harvey, Ill. 'Farmer Tr. Tk. 15/30'.

1916  Reed Foundry & Mach. Co. Kalamazoo, Mich. 'Reed 10/20 & 15/30'. Reeves Co. Columbus, Ind. 'Reeves 40'.

1913  Reierson Mach. Co. Portland, Ore. 2 sizes crawler in the rear. Reliable Tr. & Eng. Co. Portsmouth, 0. 'Reliable 10/20'.

1918 R & P Tr. Co. Alma, Mich. 'R & P 12/20'. Rock Island Plow Co. Rock Island, Ill. 'Rock Island'.

1906 Rockford Gas Eng. Works. Rock-ford, Ill. 20 to 25 Hp. Used Otto patterns. Rogers Tr. & Trailer Co. Albion, Pa.

2 HP throttle governed Maxi-Motor Engine built by the Maxi-Motor Company of Muskegon, Michigan, S. N. 1977. The single fylwheel, magneto and governor are all enclosed in a cast iron enclosure. Note long rocker below the cylinder.

1920 Royer Tr. Co. Wichita, Kan. 'Royer 12/25'.

1909 Rumely & Co. La Porte, Ind. 'Oil Pulls'. Bought A & T in 1924.

1909 Russell & CO. Massilon, O. '30/60'. In 1905 bought Tr. in Eng. made it over.

1914 Samson Sieve Grip Co. Stockton, Cali. 'Sieve Grip'. Later sold out to Gen. Motors.

1920 Samson Tr. Co. Janesville, Wis. 'Samson Model M'. Sold out to Gen. Motors. Monroe Motors Pontiac, Mich. Made Samson in 1919 for Gen. Motors.

1916  Sawyer Massey Co. Hamilton, Ont. Can. '25/45'. Savage Harv. Co. Denver, Colo. 'Savage 20/35'.

1912 Savoic Quay Co. Quebec Can. One man motor plow. 3 cyl. verti.

1918 Sexton Tr. Corp. Asbury Park, N. J. 'Sexton 12/25'. Shaw tr. Co. Mpls. 'Shaw T 25 tests in Nebr. 1927'. Shaw Enochs Tr. Co. Mpls. 'Shawnee 6/12 & 9/18'. Shelby Tr. & Tk. Co. Shelby, Ohio. 'Shelby 9/18 & 15/30'. P. H. Sheppard Co. Hanover, Pa. 'Sheppard gas & diesel 3 sizes.

1911 P. E. Shirk. Blue Ball, Pa. 'Shirk 4/16'. 1903 St. Marys Mach. Co. St. Marys, O. Made Tr. using Morton Chassis and their eng.

1918 Shorturn Tr. Co. Bemidji, Minn. 'Shorturn 20/30' 4cyl.

1917  Simplex Tr. Co. Minneapolis, 'Simplex 15/30'. Smith & Sons, Kan. City, Mo. 'Smith'. Southern Motor Mfg. Ltd. Houston, Tex. 'Motor Culti 8/16'.

1903 Springfield Boiler Mfg. Co. Springfield, Ill. used Morton Chassis their own eng.

1917  Square Turn Mfg. Co. Chicago & Norfolk, Nebr. 'Square Turn'. Quit in 1925.

1916 Standard Detroit Tr. Co. Detroit, Mich. 'Standard Detroit 10/30'.

1918  Standard Tr. Co. St. Paul, Minn. 'Standard 20/40'. Star Tr. Co. Findlay, Ohio. 'Star 6/12'.

1920  Stearns Motor Mfg. Co. Ludington, Mich. 'Stearns 15/35'.

1921  Steam Tr. & Auto Mfg. Co. Sioux City, Ia. 'Steam Tractor'.

1914 or 1916 Steel King Motor Plow Co. Detroit. 'Silver King' 16/18 2 cyl. horiz. opp.

1920 Sterling Mach. & Stamping Co. Wellington, O. 'Wellington 12/22' 4 cyl. Stimson Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 'Stimson 18/36'.

1922 Stockton Tr. Co. Stockton, Cal. 'Stockton A 8/16. Super Grip B 8/16'. Stover Eng. Co. Freeport, Ill

1914 Strite Tr. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. Strite 12/25'. Stroud Motor Mfg. Co. San Antonio, Tex. 'Stroud 16/30'.

1919 Sun Tr. Co. Columbus, Ohio. 'Sun 8/16'.

1920 Superior Tr. Co. Cleveland, Ohio. 'Superior 15/30'.

1919 S W H Eng. Co. Cleveland, Ohio '15/30' 4 cyl.

1909 Sylvester Auto. Thresher Co. Mpls. Combination Tractor & Thresher. Synmotor Co. Magnolia, N.J.

1927 12 ft. Holt combine, 1928 15-30 McDeering Tractor in 1928-belonged to my father, Irwin Maxwell, Champaign, Illinois.

The one on the steel-framed cart is the most unusual of the three engines. It is similar to the one on page 17 of March-April GEM 1969, but mine does not have the crank built in the disc. Another unusual feature is that the engine is painted red instead of green. I wonder if this is an early model of the disc flywheel series? It has no serial number, but the last patent date is 6-12-17. Could anyone give a possible date of manufacture and why the red paint?