An Engine 'For The Ladies'

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Courtesy of Gerald Lestz & permission of New Holland Co.

New Holland Machine Co., now  part of Sperry Rand, advertised a 1/2 HP engine for the ladies in one of its old catalogues which we obtained from its public relations department.

The engine was No. 9. It was stationary, but could be made portable by use of a small two-wheeled truck that could be used to move it around, and also served as a base.

The catalogue said this about the engine:

On account of its small size, this Engine is sometimes looked on as a novelty rather than a utility-but it is a great favorite with the ladies for running sewing machines, washing machines, laundry or dairy machinery, one or two hole corn sheller, grain cleaning fans and water pumps in wells not over 50 feet deep.

This little Engine is built of the very best materials on the same basic principles as the larger sizes. The gasoline tank is one solid casting and has a capacity of one and one-half quarts. Water can remain in the water tank the year round and ice will do it no injury.

The engine will develop 3/4 Horse Power and a speed of 400 to 600 revolutions per minute. On light work it will run ten hours on one quart of gasoline. It is furnished with either a 3x3 inch or 5x3 inch crown pulley or a 3x4 inch straight face pulley.

The Engine is shipped with 3x3 inch Crown Face Pulley unless otherwise ordered. Truck 1/2 H.P. Engine on No. 9 Two Wheeled Truck. This is a very convenient little truck for moving the engine from place to place and makes a satisfactory solid base for the engine when running.