Spark Plug Wayne: Amateur Mechanic and Engine Collector

On his "coffee breaks," Indiana telecommunication technician Wayne Whitenack is an amateur mechanic and engine collector.

One good way of getting the family to work together while mom's in the kitchen. The paternal Spark Plug, WayneWhitenack hops aboard the tractor deck for the first tractor rideof spring, while son Spark Plug, David, manipulates the controls ofthe old 1926 McCormick-Deering. Everyone was happy this fine springday. Son had saved his money to buy and recondition the tractor totake Dad for a ride, and younger sonny boy Spark Plug, Terry Joe, wasrarin' to tag along on the pint-sized tractor Dad had madeearlier for David. Even Mrs. Murphy's laundry dangled merrilyin the balmy spring breezes across gasoline alley-way.