A French Engine

French-made engine

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I have been a GEM subscriber for a few years and enjoy the magazine and hobby very much.

Having bought a foreign engine that is quite interesting, I decided GEM readers would be interested in it.

The engine was shipped from Holland where there are quite a few collectors, and in corresponding with a couple of them I received some literature, including some old ads; one shows an electric light plant and the other shows a water pump.

It is a French-made engine. The name is Moteur CL and the round brass radiator has a tag stamped A Conord. Behind the radiator is a cast fan to move air through a honeycomb core.

The magneto is an old style Bosch and the carburetor is cast brass. It has a large enclosed governor on the side and an enclosed crankcase.

The cylinder bore is 850 mm (about 35/16 inch) and is four cycle.

I was told, where I bought it, that it is about a 1910 model.

We are waiting to exhibit it at the several shows we attend each year. Should be a fun summer!