Case Baler

Case Baler behind the threshing machine and the International Famous is furnishing the power

Willard D. Moore

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Second Showing September 22, 1974 Jamestown, N. C.

This year was no different from last in planning and getting machinery and materials ready for the show. About mid-July some wheat that had been cut and bound in bundles was hauled in and stored in a shed out of the weather. Some shocks of corn that had been cut and cured were hauled in and put under shelter a short time after last year's show. One of the greatest problems of planning is beyond fellowship, what do spectators and exhibitors want most? We always welcome suggestions and criticism.

All summer we were questioning the availability of apples for making cider that could be bought at a reasonable price. After many telephone calls and wrong numbers, no answers, etc., we found a friend in Virginia that had some we could buy, so the night before the show two of our club members took a pickup and got them here just under the rope.

Early in the morning the flea market venders began setting up with their wares of old bottles, furniture and everything imaginable; close on their heels were some of the fellows with their gas engines. By mid-morning things were well underway. Claude Moore, Wayne and Carl Swaim had the No. 3 Geiser oiled up and ready for threshing and Earl White hooked his sorrel mules to it and after parading through the area, pulled it up to the shed with the wheat in it. After shredding corn for a while the thresher and Case wire tie baler were put into action and threshed about half the wheat. Roy Lee Tucker used his 8 H.P. International Famous to pull the baler.

Pictures are of the Second Show held by the Yesteryear in Motion in September 1974.

Courtesy of Jamestown Union Hill Lions Club, Willard D. Moore, 3139 Dillon Road, Jamestown, North Carolina 27282.

By late morning there were some 35 engines set up and running in the shaded area along with the old tractors and Brown Loflin and his 16 H.P. Frick portable and 20 H.P. Reeves twin cylinder tractor. Clayton Cooke drove the Reeves around the grounds but had to be careful about it popping off or blowing the whistle because the mules were pulling the road grader and wheeler around at the same time.

The Furniture Land Chapter had several of their members bring their very finely restored cars and display them. Mr. R.A. Gibbs was on hand with his Stanley Steamer taking people for rides. Posie Collins wove carpet all day on the old wood loom. James and Mina Riggs kept the cider mill going until all the apples were used. What was not consumed on the site people bought and took home with them.

By mid-afternoon wheat threshing and baling were finished and Dale McGee and the Ramblers were set up and playing country and western music. Bill Hinkle let us use his Calliope and Bob Philips mastered the keyboard well. The Apostles of Song brought us several good selections of gospel music and Roy Perdue was on hand with a large group of square dancers. Howard Macon ran his stone grist mill pulled by hit and miss Hercules making corn meal all day.

The good Lord provided us with wonderful weather until most of the engines were loaded and square dancers were finishing and it did rain and I mean it rained hard. All in all it was a wonderful day and all went away anticipating another show ahead.

Williard D. Moore, Program Chairman Jamestown-Union Hill Lions Club 3139 Dillon Road Jamestown, North Carolina 27282

Two loads of nice gas engines ready for the 1974 Old Timer's Reunion at Climax, North Carolina.

Howard McCollum with his 27-42 Minneapolis passing before the Reviewing Stand. Taken at the 1974 Reunion.