Variety at the Boone Show

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Sec. Carolina Fly-Wheelers EDGE & TA Branch 45 3841 Highway 421 South Boone, North Carolina 28607

The High Country may not have had the Olympics this past summer, but for many antique engine enthusiasts it was just as exciting. The mountains came alive! It was summer time and the High Country was jumping with activities. One such event was the 17th annual Crank-Up hosted by the Carolina Fly-Wheelers of Boone, North Carolina on July 26, 27 & 28, 1996, at the local race track and fairgrounds. The show was as spectacular as the view!

There were so many different exhibits that it would be impossible to list them. I would, however, like to mention some:

Jody Scholl showed a small original steam engine that was possibly used to power dental equipment, or something small.

Jeff Hutchings had an impressive display of spark plugs and steam whistles.

There was also a beautiful collection of antique cars provided by The Foothills Antique Car Club of Hickory, North Carolina.

My husband, John, and I took some of the black gum logs sawed at the previous year's show and made them into clocks to announce the various demonstrations.

Bill Triplett displayed a large outstanding collection of oilers.

The tractor parade is always a big hit and gathers lots of enthusiasm and attention.

There was every type of transportation imaginable from ponies to a steam-engine-powered boat to a motorized three-wheel bicycle. There were all kinds of antique tools and farm machinery. There was ice cream, hot peanuts, and even canned goods. There were windmills, water wheels, pottery, quilts, and many other handmade crafts. There was definitely variety!

As the club looks back over another successful show, we realize that when we are part of the show it's hard to tell how good the show is, but numbers don't lie bigger and better again! Some of our people say that they stay so busy during the show that they don't even realize what all has been exhibited. But they're having fun and most of them 'ain't never had too much fun' when it comes to engine shows, or anything that's slightly related.

The Carolina Fly-Wheelers Engine Club has recently joined the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association as Branch 45.

The town of Boone, North Carolina is celebrating its 125th birthday this year. There will be more things going on than you can shake a stick at! Let me give you a little history. Boone is the county seat of Watauga County. It is named after its most well-known resident, Daniel Boone, who lived in this area from 1760-1769. Boone is surrounded by mountains, which some geologists estimate to be among the oldest rock formations in the world. The North Carolina mountains are known more for their scenery and vegetation than for their height. The Northwest region is known as the 'High Country' because it lies at the highest average elevation in the eastern United States. North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt has proclaimed 1997 as the year of the mountains.

We're getting ready for another show. Why not come to our 18th annual show on July 25, 26 & 27, 1997? Please look for our ad featured on page 144 of the Steam and Gas Show Directory. Come enjoy our friendly, congenial people in our relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Come experience our wonderful (or perhaps I should say 'interesting') weather and beautiful landscapes. Proceeds from our show go to the upkeep of the grounds and the operating expenses of the club.

There are 1500 motel accommodations in the area and 70 'eateries' offering something to please your appetite from breakfast to a late night snack. For the young, the young-at-heart, and all those in-between, there's ALWAYS something going on in the High Country. Come see our endless and commanding views.

It is a must to make reservations well in advance. Please make them NOW if you plan to spend any part of the weekend in the area. We are a tourist and university town. For reservations contact the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce: 704-264-2225 or High Country Host: 704-264-1299. For other show information contact club president, Ray Scholl: 704-297-4406 or secretary, Betty Hodges, 704-264-4977.

At the end of the summer when the various clubs have made show plans, changed plans, carried out those plans, and finally filed them away, we hope you can say of the Boone Show. 'Been there, done that', and 'Have that T-shirt in all available colors.' Then recall it often, because a happy memory never wears out.