Arvid Takalo, Skip Dufour adjust the sawmill'

Arvid Takalo and Skip Dufour adjust the setting on the sawmill.

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Treasurer, 510 N. 21st Street, Escanaba, MI 49829

Those of us who belong to the U.P. Steam and Gas Engine Association believe our second annual show was a great success anyway you look at it - equipment, turnout, or financially.

Steam equipment included Skip Dufour's Minneapolis steam traction engine (did you ever try to haul a 10' wide engine on an 8' wide lowboy?), his Port Huron steam traction engine, and Takalo's Port Huron portable. The portable operated the club's 1869 sawmill while the traction engines took turns powering the threshing machines.

Among the more than 40 tractors present at the show were Skips's 12-25 Minneapolis crossmount and my 10-20 Titan and Hart Parr 30. (Remember Skip, pulling back on the clutch lever on the Hart Parr 30 does not stop it!) Al Strahl's Farmall Regular looked so nice I almost wish I hadn't sold it to him.

Some of the gas engines of the more than 75 present included the 15 HP Badger sideshaft donated to the club by John Kay of Rapid River, Michigan and my 12 HP Lawson on factory cart. The smallest engine of the open crank type was my ? - ? HP Ironwood which was not for sale.

Other nice gas engines were exhibited by Al Dill who has a great Sears Row Boat motor and by Leonard Forath who had a nice Worthington, among others.

We were afraid of rain as it had rained most of August (and later most of September) but Praise the Lord it didn't! Over the three day weekend we had about 3500 people come to see the show.

Many came from quite a distance to display items or to see the show. Those who came were impressed by the threshing and sawmill as well as by Terry Alexander's shingle mill zipping out all those shingles. All the members are impressed by the fact that Terry still has all his fingers.

Just pure fun was the tractor slow race which had 7 entries. Even the 10-20 Titan and Minneapolis crossmount were no match for my 12 year old daughter, Sharon, driving her 1936 John Deere B. As Skip said, 'there ought to be a rule against entering that thing.'

In the money department we were able to pay all the bills and have a little left, so what more could we want.

Hope to see more of you this year, Labor Day weekend, at the U.P. State Fairgrounds here in Escanaba, 'The best little show anywhere.' Watch for our ads appearing in the G.E.M. and Iron Men Album.