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1927 Renault tractor


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By Hubert Mawet Old Timer Tractors Route de Mouland 7-A Weg op Moelingen Fouron-le- Comte 3798, Belgium

I wanted to share with you some pictures of tractors that we have here in Belgium.

We have many American tractors, and the most are beautifully restored. We have a great show every year on the first weekend of June. This is, I feel, the most important show in Belgium. Last year over 400 tractors were shown.

At right in picture #29A (above) is a very rare 1927 Renault tractor, Type PE, 20 HP motor, four cylinder gasoline 3202 cm3. This tractor was built by the great automobile constructor Louis Renault Boulogne, Billancourt, France from mid-1926 to 1928. Only 1840 of this model were built.

On the left side of the Renault is a very popular Fordson F 1925. Owner of these tractors is Hubert Mawet of Fouron le Comte.

On picture #95/1 is a very nicely restored IHC Junior 8-16 built in 1920, owned and restored by Philippe DeVille.

On picture 95/2, an IHC Titan, one of the last, built in 1922, owned by Philippe DeVille, one of the greatest collectors of IHC tractors here in Belgium.

In picture #16 you can see Phillipe DeVille at the wheel of his IHC Mogul 8-16 built in 1917.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.