The Past Is Alive in Canton, New York!

Anderson diesel engine

100 HP Anderson diesel.

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9670 Henderson Road, Sandy Creek, New York 13145

There's a lot of pride put into the making of an engine show, and that pride was evident as the St. Lawrence Gas & Steam Association kicked off their 12th annual power show on June 11th and 12th, 1994, at the Canton Sportsman' Club, Canton, New York.

Beautifully warm weather, a blessing in Northern New York where it snows almost 18 months out of the year  made this year's show one of the most successful ever. Hundreds of gas and steam engine and tractor exhibitors turned out from all over the Northeast and Canada, displaying everything from Maytags to Farmalls.

Perhaps the most impressive display was the 40 HP, 1922 stationary A. B. Farquhar steam engine, manufactured in York, Pennsylvania. Engineered by Paul Shirley and Ed Fincham, this little engine (and this engine is by no means little!) was purchased in 1984 from the St. Lawrence County Highway Department, where it was used to power rock crushers for road construction up until 1962.

In addition to the Farquhar, an Anderson type KD oil engine, 2 cylinder, 2 cycle, 100 HP257 RPM (show speed 100 RPM) was displayed by engineers and restorers Paul Moore and Bill Bartlett. Manufactured by Anderson Engine & Foundry Company, Anderson, Indiana, this engine is the only one of its size known existing running or not.

A portable Lane Green Mountain sawmill (manufactured in Barre, Vermont) was displayed by Russ Goodyear of Richmond, Vermont. This fascinating unit came from Wm. Soaper & Sons Door & Sash Mill. It was powered by a 60 HP Allis Chalmers, Model E60, which is owned and operated by Bob and Ed Bishman of Parish, New York.

And if all these working relics didn't stir up an admiration for the past, there were numerous other interests including a host of antique cars and snowmobile exhibits brought to us by the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association. For horse lovers, a draft horse exhibition was put on by the St. Lawrence County Draft Horse Association. Here friendly folks were more than happy to explain the difference between a hame and a whipple tree. I certainly learned a lot, and the horses loved the attention!

A craft and flea market sold everything but the fleas, as did the auction which was held Saturday afternoon. Country music was provided for both days and a dance was held Saturday night. Horseshoe pitching was fun to watch on Sunday, and, being a fiction writer, I found the Adirondack storyteller and balladeer, Bill Smith, to be especially entertaining.

But we mustn't forget the eats, and there were loads of 'em! Both mornings, the Canton Sportsman' Club served a king sized pancake breakfast, and aside from the hotdogs and snacks that were available anytime, Sunday's chicken barbecue was excellent.

Yes, as always, the St. Lawrence Gas & Steam Engine Show didn't disappoint me. I had a great time, as I'm certain everyone else did, and I look forward to attending the 1995 show. Hope to see you all there. You and your love for the past is, after all, the secret to their success. See ya next year!