Rosholt Area Threshermens' First Annual Show

Hart-Parr Tractor

Craig Anderson, club president, belted his Hart-Parr 18-36 to the thresher too, and there was more barking!

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Rosholt Area Threshermen, Inc. P.O. Box 85, Rosholt, Wisconsin 54473.

July 14-15, 1990 marked the date of the start of a tradition in Rosholt, Wisconsin, for those were the dates of the First Annual Thresheree held here and sponsored by the Rosholt Area Threshermen, Inc.

The club was officially formed on December 14th of 1989, and incorporated on February 6th of 1990.

Planning for the first show was hectic and the possibility of not having any grain for the thresher was a definite problem. A cold, prolonged spring didn't help the oats situation either, even though two club members seeded the earliest oats variety available.

Our financial situation was not that great either, so advertising was placed sparingly, but apparently in the right places, because replies began coming in and things really shaped up nicely.

Our biggest asset is a beautiful park in the village, which is the site of the Portage County Fair. Everything in the line of buildings and space is tailor-made for such an event, and the Fair Board was most cooperative with us, as well as the village and surrounding area, for this show would be the first of its kind in the immediate area and would surely be good for the community.

The weather was, of course, the biggest thing we had to deal with, and as July rolled around it was plain to see that there would be no oats. Fortunately, though, the rye was nearly ready (doughy, actually) and we had to take a chance on hindering it and hoping for dry weather.

We got lucky! The weather couldn't have been better and we had our crop to thresh. Fred Yenter, club vice president, belted his 45 HP Case steamer to our 24x40 Belle City thresher and the stack music was wonderful! Every time a tough bundle would hit the cylinder, the governor would jump open and that engine would just bark and then wait for the next bundle.

Lumber was sawed on our Phoenix sawmill powered by Anderson's 60 HP Case steamer; corn was husked and shelled; the 1908 Waterous fire pumper pumped water; logs were sawed on our Kalamazoo dragsaw and then split into stove wood; engines of all kinds were all over the place; miniature tractors were driving around the grounds; and flea marketers were doing their best to go home with less than they came with.

John Schroeder, of Waupaca, brought his 1915 Eagle Model F tractor, a rare machine at any show, and we also had two 10-20 Titans, and more.

The weather held and the show was a success in every way. In fact, we heard comments from some people who said they couldn't believe this was a first year show.

It would be nice to take credit for that, but without the good advice we got from the 'old timers' in other area clubs, and the wonderful people who brought their 'stuff from all over the state, there would have been no show. We could only set the stage. And a stage without actors doesn't amount to much.

The Second Annual Thresheree at Rosholt will be held July 13 6k 14 at the same site, and we will be ready! The oats are in a barn and we will binder up some corn this fall (if there is any ripe corn!) for a little more action at our next show, and plans are also in the works for an antique tractor pull.

To our knowledge, we are the only thresheree show in Wisconsin on these dates, so come to Rosholt (14 miles northeast of Stevens Point) and join us and help us grow!