Making patio blocks on the buzz saw

Making patio blocks on the buzz saw.

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Secretary, 3221 Brookshire Drive, S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508

Sharon Schut's IHC 2 HP Famous upright engine with his 25 HP Waterloo Boy stationary in the background powering the shingle

Friday and Saturday of the third week of July is the usual time for the Riverbend Steam & Gas Association Show at Allendale, near Grand Rapids, Michigan. In spite of the fact that Claude Scholema, on whose farm the show is held, was in the hospital, our 1977 show was a great success. We thank the Lord for the excellent weather and the good turnout of people.

Many exhibitions displayed an excellent variety of equipment, including: two steam engines, grain separators, clover huller, stationary baler, silo filler, corn husker, stone flour mill, shingle mill, sawmill, buzz saw, and Baker Fan, and a large variety of old-time tractors and gas engines. Some of the gas engines were used for powering smaller machines such as corn sheller, feed grinder, water pump and the like.

Grain threshing was done with power supplied by Herm Walcott's Emerson-Brantingham Peerless and Bud Hinebeck's beautifully restored 19 HP Port Huron, alternating with Bud Rosema's big 15-30 Model E Oil Pull and other tractors. Sharon Schut's handfeed thresher was powered by his 6 HP IHC Famous.

John Huitema's very interesting one cylinder diesel English Field Marshall. It starts on the impact from a blank shotgun shell.

The silo filler was run by Russ Gelder with his nice 12-20 Oil Pull. Flour milling and selling of whole wheat flour continued after Randy Styf's little Huber Model L tractor was belted to the 100 year old stone mill. The 6 HP Massey-Harris gas engine had developed a noise and was shut down. Of course, the slow tractor race is always a favorite with the spectators.

A number of flea market sellers increased the interest for the women -as they searched through all sorts of early Americana, and for the men as they searched for that badly needed (or not so badly needed) part. (I found a pulley for the boy's Maytag.)

Good food, provided by a local church group, and also snack stands helped remedy the stomach discomfort, but the ultimate solution for a hot summer day was the homemade ice cream made and served by the ladies of the club.

As with all shows, it was a lot of fun.