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3379 Macedonia Road Bethel, Ohio 45106

On August 13, 14, 15 & 16, 1992, the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery show held their 22nd annual Reunion. This was a very proud and memorable show for everyone involved. This year marked the first year on the organization's new grounds purchased in November 1990. It was a lot of hard work getting the ground developed and ready for the 1992 show, but everyone worked together hand in hand to accomplish this goal. We also hosted a very successful first National Ford Meet, which resulted in starting a Ford Club.

The 1992 Ford Reunion had been in the works two years prior to the show, and resulted in a huge success. A Ford registry started before the meet by O. V. A. M. had become very large by show time. This registry was turned over to the Ford Club, which formed at the show to continue and make the registry even larger for future collectors to use. To register with the association, send name, address, serial number, and model to the Ford/Fordson Registry & Collectors Association, 645 Loveland Miamiville Rd., Loveland, Ohio 45140.

The oldest Ford tractor at the reunion was a 1917 Fordson experimental model brought by Duane Helman from Rosewood, Ohio (Picture #1). Duane has pictures of Henry Ford driving this tractor back in the early years of the Fordson. This tractor, along with all of the other tractors, did not sit idle, but was on the move at the show.

Picture #2 is one of three rare tractors that Dwight Emstrom brought from Galesburg, Illinois.

Tom Rohrick of Batavia, Ohio, exhibited his Fordson road roller, which has been at the show for over two decades.

Picture #3 is of a rare V-8 conversion Ford owned by Roberts Farm Antiques of Cortland, Ohio. This conversion tractor was one of several V-8 and six cylinder conversion tractors at the show.

A sugar cane, cotton-conversion Special was shown by the well-known Ford collector, Palmer Fossum, from Northfield, Minnesota.

Picture #4 is of a nicely restored 2N owned by Wendell Kelch, who is the president of O. V. A. M.

Picture #5 is of a Fordson Major and Ford Dexta, which combined for a unique display at the show. These pictures are only a few of the rare tractors that were present at this beautiful event. The O. V. A. M. would like to thank everyone who brought and displayed their equipment at this National Ford Meet.

There were also several hundred tractors at the 1992 that were not Fords. Rick Horning from Gallon, Ohio, brought his rare 15-30 Townsend tractor and worked the Baker fan with it. Rick came down a couple days before the show even started, just to help the organization get ready for the show. His help and support was very greatly appreciated.

Picture #6 is of a G706 M-M propane tractor with four wheel drive unit and factory cab. This tractor is owned by Paul Chapman of Athens, Ohio. He said he is coming back next year.

A 1956 Oliver Super 99 with GMC diesel motor, owned by Mike and Alyssa Alden of Martinsville, Ohio, was one of eight tractors that their family brought to the show.

Roger Neal exhibited his 1918 Mack truck. This truck has been used in several movies and is restored to perfection.

There were several steam engines displayed at the event. A 1931 Keck-Gonnerman is owned by David Dunn and is the second to last one built. A 1912 Farquhar was the oldest engine at the show and is owned by 16 year old Todd Slone of Amelia, Ohio.

There were also a lot of unusual pieces at the show that were not tractors, like a 1920 Bucyrus steam shovel that was blowing smoke and moving about every day of the show. The club bought and restored this piece back in 1976.

A 90 HP Buckeye oil engine was recently donated to the club by Paul Weber of Winchester, Kentucky. The engine was originally used to pump water out of a rock quarry. This engine is at the center of the gas engine area, which is also a very important part of the show. Another very unusual sight in the gas engine area was two antique radial airplane engines. These engines were demonstrated and explained by Hal Funk several times every day.

The sawmill was also very active throughout the show, and cornmeal was ground by an antique grist mill.

The club works very hard to make the show a fun event for the entire family. We have a committee devoted entirely to kids' games, and events and games for young kids are numerous. This is done in hopes that someday these youngsters will get the antique collectors 'bug.'

There are four women on the board of directors, who create events enjoyable for women. This is done in hopes that the days of the wife reading a book in the car are over. Most women enjoy our show as much as the men and children.

In 1993, Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show will hold the National Massey Harris Meet, and the club is very proud to hold this event. We are making very big plans to ensure that it is as successful and enjoyable as our Ford meet. Several Massey Harris pieces were brought in to advertise for the 1993 meet. Two of these are shown in pictures #7 & #8. Members of O.V.A.M. Show would like to invite everyone to visit on August 12, 13, 14, 6k 15, 1993. For a free information packet and map of the show, write to Brad Hauck, 3379 Macedonia Road, Bethel, Ohio 45106. For information about the 1993 Massey Harris Reunion, write to Dan Whalen, 2277 Berry Road, Amelia, Ohio 45102.