Old Engine Collectors of South Jersey 1978 SHOW

By-the combined members of the Club

by-the combined members of the club

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'Caution-Adults at Play' read, the sign at our first engine show under the name of 'Old Engine Collectors of South Jersey.' Our collection includes gas, steam, and diesel engines. This first show was held at the Atlantic County 4H Fair in Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

Jim and Bill Guenther operated their 9 HP Fairbanks-Morse on the cordwood sawing. Folks really enjoyed this exhibit.

Now if we gave trophies for the longest distance traveled to exhibit in this show it would have gone to Mr. & Mrs. George Mathews from Arkansas who displayed two very fine working model gas engines. So glad that Mrs. Layton could join them in traveling to the show. We appreciate them coming. Thank you!

During our event our engines drowned out the organ display which was close by. Sorry Music Center-Better luck next year. Also, our friend, Kenny Moore, had been smoking out quite a few displays under the tent behind him. His Mietz and Weiss really sends off some smoke.

A friend of Barry Watkins who is with the Helping Hand C.B. Club was asked to bring his engine club friends to participate at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds. This was a fund raising show for Cerebral Palsy. The Fair director really enjoyed the engines and invited us to come back for the County Fair next summer. We are all looking forward to that.

Our third exhibit was at the 'Chicken Coop and Antique Shop' in Absecon Highlands, New Jersey, operated by Ken Smith. Dave Esch who works there has asked us to make this show an annual affair. It was a brisk day on October 3, and the ladies served hot coffee and soup along with sandwiches.

We would like to comment on a show that we attended. Some members from our club decided to take a few engines, as well as enjoy the First Delaware Valley Old Time Power and Equipment Show at Washington Crossing, New Jersey. It was the best display of engines we've seen in a while. We counted 141 engines there on Sunday. Most every engine was in action. This is a show well worth going to see. We will be there next year to help support this fine meet. Our own club member, Joe Dunn, traveled about 1000 miles back and forth hauling engines, equipment and even antique cars.

Wood sawing done by Jim Guenther and Barry Watkins, with our famous 'Mr. , Clean' watching.

Barry Watkins trying to keep in tune with the organ at the music center exhibit. Both sounded good.

Kenny Moore had to move his beautiful Mietz & Weiss. Just too much smoke in the tents behind him.

Mr. Clean (Dave Esch) at work, trying to get his engines in fine running shape.

Between shows we were quite busy with backyard picnics. They were great! We plan to diet all winter so we can be ready for some of the same great times next summer. I do want to mention now that Hoppy Dougherty usually came along with his engine. Dave Esch was always busy getting his engine to run just right, and of course, we all noticed how greasy Dave gets. For this, another member, Wayne Flitcraft from Woodstown named him 'Mr. Clean.' At least Dave comes to our shows clean, but goes home just a little bit different. Speaking of members, we can't leave out Warren Avis who wanted to steam corn with his boiler. And oh yes, our youngest member is Walter Seitz, age 13, who tags along with his Maytag.

Now for the round-up meet which was held at Story Book Land in Cardiff, New Jersey, on the 5th of November: besides our regular engines we were honored by Tom Glork and John Pizzi who are new members. They had two antique outboard motors, and a Maytag.

At this time we wish to thank all those who made our get-togethers a lot of fun and fellowship. We met some really nice folks this past year. Also, if there is anyone here in South Jersey reading this who would like to join our fun, or would like us to exhibit at your affiar, please contact Bill Guenther (609-641-9189) or write R.D. 1, Box 579, Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232. Bill will be glad to hear from you.