Memphis Lions Antique Engine Show

Shingle mill at the Memphis Lions Show

Louis Trautman's shingle mill at the Memphis Lions Show.

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4045 Abbottsford Rd. Goodells, Michigan 48027

The Richmond Antique Engine and Threshing Association's annual antique engine and tractor show was held on the activities field of the Memphis Lions Club, Memphis, Michigan on August 13 and 14, 1988.

Over a thousand people attended the 3rd annual Memphis Lions Antique Engine Show, featuring International Harvester equipment, with many I.H.C. and McCormick-Deering tractor and engine owners attending in spite of a very hot and dry weekend brought on by the summer's drought.

There were F-12's, F-14's F-20's, 10-20's 22-36's, an I-9, a W-9, W-30's, and W-40's for the farm tractor entries; portable engines and stationary engines were also on display.

Jim Gray, New Haven, brought his I-9 International tractor. Likewise, Bob Wier of Allenton brought his 22-36 McCormick-Deering to the show. Bill Wylin of Armada had six tractors on display: a 10-20, an F-12, an F-14, an F-20, an A and an M, plus 1? HP and 3 HP McCormick-Deering type M engines. Bill Volkening, New Baltimore, had his 1914 I.H.C. 6 HP Titan portable engine among the many entries.

This show also marked the Association's 10th anniversary. Local radio station WSMA was on hand with a remote broadcast station on both days describing the highlights of the show and interviewing club members.

Louis Trautman of Richmond demonstrated his shingle and veneer mills, giving the finished shakes and veneers to viewers as souvenirs. The club's portable saw mill was busy both days making planks as well.

Bob Wier and son Bob Jr. brought their 1921 Port Huron 19-65 steam traction engine and 1944 John Deere separator for the threshing demonstration with some of the grain that was separated given to Bill 'Dixie' Flannigan, Lexington, so that he could demonstrate his beautifully restored Gibson oat roller, powered by a 3 HP throttled governor Fair banks Morse 'Z' engine.

There were field plowing demonstrations and a 'parade of power' each day allowing the exhibitors to display their favorite tractors and machinery under power to the delight of onlookers.

A vendors area was provided for the sale of clothing, hardware, written material, and toys related to antique farm equipment. The Richmond Theater group sold food and drinks and Ken Crowe, Ontario, Canada prepared a delicious black pot bean soup.

Pete Beres, Richmond, took care of the raffle booth with a rifle, clock and two 10 speed bicycles being awarded to lucky ticket holders.

At the end of each day, many of the exhibitors who stayed overnight sat around and traded stories, some tinkered with their displays before turning in for the night's rest.

To the many people who made this show a success, the club wishes to offer their sincere gratitude. Without these people, shows such as ours would not be possible. Thank you everyone!

The 4th Annual Memphis Lions Antique Engine Show will be held on August 12 and 13, 1989, with Oliver tractors and equipment being featured; all exhibitors are welcome. There will be 3 day parking available for those who wish to stay over, and limited 110 volt electrical service can be provided. Many new attractions are being planned, one of which will be a pedal tractor pulling contest. For information, contact John Tyson, 31501 29 Mile Rd., Richmond, Michigan 48062, phone 313-749-3719. This year's show is expected to be the best ever. Plan to be there!