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Gasoline-driven welder, owner unknown

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The 9th Annual Antique Machinery Show was held in Glasgow, KY last September at the American Legion Park. The weather was ideal and a good time was had by all.

We had our problems, of course; there is always the engine that starts every time at home, but refuses to start at the show. I think Tim Russell had to try to find an open Hardware that had just the right size 'O' ring for his #5 HP Stover, and I saw sombody getting very sweaty cranking a stubborn engine that just wouldn't run. Later the problems were ironed out and the chugging of the engines could be heard all over the park. One of the exhibitors lost his father at the show due to a heart attack, but its been said that he died where he wanted to be. One of our members, Bill Magers, also died last year about 2 weeks after the show, but we must go on and the show will go on again this year in September at the same location. An ad for our show will be placed in a later issue of the magazine; watch for it.

We aren't a very big show, but probably around 100 engines and/or tractors will be there and maybe more as our show grows with age. The Mid-KY Region Antique Cars and Trucks were also on display last year along with some Flea Market types with old machinery and misc. to trade or sell. Probably they will be back this year also; check our ad later in the year. The grounds have plenty of shade, there are restrooms, and there is a food sale area. If you don't like our food, there are several well-recognized restaurant chains just outside the gate and the medium-size town of Glasgow.

Of course there were engines all the way form 1 HP to 15 HP in the one cylinder, double flywheel division; there were grist mills where you could buy your stone ground meal; there was the Baker Fan to test your tractor; there was a corn sheller; there was a sorghum mill; there was the cider mill where you could get a cold drink of cider; and there were other exhibits too numerous to name. Our club has also bought a broom machine from the Magers Estate and we are looking for a shingle mill at a reasonable price.

The youngest member, Tim Russell, had his Stover running at last. (He found the needed 'O' rings). He also had on display his simulated locomotive engine. The engine is complete with a steam engine and boiler, but unfortunately it isn't certified and he couldn't run it at the show.

Several of the members, including James Witty, had their tractors running and took turns at the Baker Fan.

If your plan to visit us this Sept, don't forget that I 65 and Highway 90 will not only bring you to our show, but will put you in a very nice vacation area with Nolin Lake, Barren River Lake, Barren River State Park and Lodge, numerous compgrounds, and the World's Famous Mammoth Cave and National Park all within 15 to 20 miles of our show.

Mammoth Cave is the World's longest-known mapped cave system and has some of the World's Largest Rooms. The National Park covers 52,000 acres, lying mostly in Edmonson County, KY. There are underground rivers and Nolin and Green River on the surface. One may fish in the rivers above ground without a license within the Park boundary and camp near the river or visitors center if there is space and one may camp on the trails with a permit (Backpacks only). There are daily tours in the cave and nature walks provided by park Guides through various routes open to the public. It would probably take a lifetime to see all the 200 miles or so of the cave, but the 12 miles or so open to the public can be seen in about 2 or 3 days if your are physically fit and can walk 5 or 6 miles a day. If not, there are some short tours and a tour for wheelchaired persons.

Come stay a few days with us at our show and maybe at one of the lakes or Mammoth Cave National Park and if the kids don't love it you can always travel about an hour and a half down I-65 to Opryland at Nashville, Tenn and while the adults listen to all kinds of music, the kids can ride all the scary rides.