Avery Engine

45-65 Avery 1927 owned by Budenski Bros., West Concord, Minn.

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Box 133, LeCenter, Minnesota 56057

In spite of an earlier shower of rain, sunshine and cool weather prevailed thru out our fourth annual Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Assn. Threshing Show held on our permanent grounds, located seven miles northwest of LeCenter, Minn., at the Dave Preuhs farm. Attendance was nearly a thousand including several car loads of old timers brought from the Central Nursing Home in LeCenter. Many of these people are retired farmers having lived their entire lives in the area. They received much enjoyment visiting at our show.

Our first major show proved to be an overwhelming success, having 51 antique tractors, 77 gas engines and many, many pieces of old farm machinery including several threshing rigs, corn shredders, plows and a saw mill. Also, Jim Mollenhauer of Le Sueur, Minn., operated his 24 H.P. Minneapolis Steam Engine, bringing back memories for many old timers.

The field activities included sawing lumber and shingles which seem to disappear among the crowd as fast as they are sawed (must be a lot of leaky roofs around that need patching). Mike Kovich and Wally Carlson of Jordan, Minn., own and operate the saw mill, which Maynard Rohloff and Gordon Mutch were kept busy at the shingle mill. Glen and Eldon Braun of Le Center provided power for the saw mill with a 25-45 Lauson and Dave Preuhs had his 28-50 Hart Parr belted up for awhile.

Sixteen hundred bushels of oats were threshed out of 8 stacks by a 36-inch Red River Special owned by Dave Preuhs, a 22 inch Red River Special owned by Wayne Schwartz and a 28-inch Belle City owned by Wayne Schwartz. Also powering these rigs were a 45-65 Avery belonging to the Budinski Bros, of West Concord, Minn., a 1928 John Deere owned by Bill Theleman of Le Sueur, Minn., and many other tractors too numerous to mention.

Baling straw was an interesting event using a 1915 John Deere Dain hay press owned by Glen and Eldon Braun and powered by a Model H John Deere, also owned by them. Corn shredding was done with a four roll Rosenthal corn shredder owned by Dave Preuhs. The Baker Fan is always a challenge to any engine and was put to good use both days.

Plowing events went on both days using all sorts of steel wheel plows and many people commented how black the soil was here and it proved to be a load for the tractors. An hour-long parade was held each day running around the grounds, and up thru Gas Engine Grove; very truly every tractor and many old cars and trucks ran in the parade.

Gas Engine Grove proved to be the highlight of the show this year for both young and old. Among the 77 gas, oil, and steam engines was a 20 H.P. Fairbanks and Morris Model Y oil engine owned and operated by Roman and Bob Kalina of Lonsdale, Minn. One of the most unusual gas engines was a 1? H.P. Fuller and Johnson Upright pump engine complete with a pump in beautiful working order and owned by Bill Theleman of Le Sueur, Minn. Elston Mahacheck from Northfield, Minn, showed and operated his hand made scale Case steam traction engine and circle saw, sawing wood

Mr. and Mrs. Willmer Tiede placed on display 100 of their most colorful hand painted cast iron seats, many of which are scarce including some round seats. Willmar also showed his Des Moines 1? H.P. gas engine which to his knowledge is the only one in existence. Willmer and Delores run the family farm three miles north of Le Center, Minn.

About the most original piece of equipment was an Ottawa drag saw bought new by his father and now operated by Orbe Reddemann. Mr. and Mrs. Reddemann live only a half mile from the show site. Orbe and Alba Braun also sawed logs with their 30-year-old, two-man Mail chain saws. Alba is 73 years old and also lives only a half mile from the show with his wife, Betty.

There were many more displays too numerous to mention, including barbed wire collections and very nice collections of local Indian Relics and guns owned and showed by Wayne and Diane Braun of the Country Corral Le Center, Minn. With all our equipment, tractors, and engines in beautiful show condition, painted, and running, our show next year promises to be even bigger and better.