23rd Annual Show

1 HP Fairbanks Engine

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494 Twp Rd. 232 Sullivan, Ohio 44880

Two very nice days, September 18-19, 1993 saw lots of action at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio.

About 125 gas engines, from tiny units, to large oil field engines were on display. Most were running, and making the kind of music we all enjoy. Numerous units were belted to pumps, saws, fans, etc. If all the hours of restoration time used on these engines were totaled up, it would be a large figure. Most spectators do not realize the amount of time spent in restoring engines, but that is what we enjoy, so it should not be considered work. Many engines looked as if they were brand new and their owners displayed them with pride. One example was a 1 HP Fairbanks belted to a water pump mounted on a well constructed cart. It was restored by Collin Coshway of Fairview Park, Ohio.

About 20 antique cars and trucks plus 44 model steam engines were shown and most were running at the steam table. Many other odds and ends of interest were on display.

 42 garden tractors, 121 farm tractors, some crawlers, were displayed. Most makes were represented, and some were very rare ones. An example was a 1919 Avery, 8-16, two cylinder tractor owned by Rick Horning of Gallion, Ohio. He stated that this one was the smallest unit made by Avery at that time. He purchased the 8-16 one week before the show, in Ontario, Canada. The old critter ran very well, and was a crowd pleaser in the parade.

16 steam traction engines, one roller, two portables, and six scale model engines performed throughout the show on the power-eater, fan, dynamometer, thresher, baler, shingle mill, and sawmill. Gas tractors also did their stuff on these tools. Enough logs were obtained to keep the sawmill running steady for both days, the only shutdown was the file saw and during the parade.

A buzz saw powered by an IHC Model M 6 HP engine was used to saw the slabs from the sawmill. These then were burned in the steam engines. On Saturday afternoon a large parade was run in front of the grandstand for the enjoyment of the spectators. I think the exhibitors driving in the parade had just as much fun showing their old iron.

On Sunday afternoon, an exhibitors-only tractor pull was run. Everyone had a good time, and are anxiously awaiting the pull next year.

A very large flea market was going strong both days, so everyone had a chance to find that hard to find part. Lots of very good food was available on the grounds, from a sandwich, to a full meal. No one should have gone away hungry. Many thanks to all who exhibited, helped run the show, and cleaned up afterwards. Also thanks to the flea market folks, and food vendors, and last but not least thanks to all who attended as spectators.

Hope to see you all next year on September 17-18, 1994, at Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington, Ohio.