Hoosier Flywheelers

4 HP Famous, tray cooled'

4 HP Famous, tray cooled, belonging to Larry Miller of Ontario, Canada. All photos by John McCarten.

John McCarten

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9056 Riverside Drive, Brighton, Michigan 48116

On June 25-28, the Hoosier Flywheelers held their second annual show at Peru, Indiana.

Hosted by the Kenny Wolf family on their show grounds, this show is destined to be one of the premier gas engine shows in the country. The weather was great, not too hot, and cool in the evenings, and it never rained a drop during the show. There were over 160 exhibitors, from 18 states and Canada, who displayed 383 engines representing some of the best restorations and original condition engines I've ever seen shown in one place at the same time.

Many exhibitors came early in the week to help out putting the show together. Everything from arranging permanent display engines to putting up signs on the highway was handled by these volunteer helpers. Many engines that hadn't been run in several years were cleaned up and run by these helpers. Their contribution cannot go unheraldeda sincere thank you to all the helpers we had show up.

For this year's show, Kenny erected two new buildings for displays. One is a large power building. Inside were several engines that will eventually be connected to the line shaft he has installed in the ceiling. As for this year, we didn't have enough time to get everything ready, but did have an 8 HP Robert sonville engine belted to the line shaft running a stone burr, a water pump, and an air compressor. Next year there will be more! The other building is a small general store. Inside, Wendy has displayed many of the items she has collected over the years. Everything from kitchen utensils to hardware items, and even a necktie knitting machine, were on display. Bottles, boxes and tins from a forgotten time line the walls, although the box of Roadkill Helper looked much too modern for the other vintage relics.

Some of the more unusual engines that showed up were a Kling Brothers, an air-cooled Lennox, a hopper-cooled Superior, a Falk sideshaft, a Lambert, an oddball Friend orchard sprayer, a Perkins windmill engine, a gearless Olds, a Kahlenberg diesel, and many, many more!

One thing done at this show that doesn't happen at any other show I've ever been at, is that Kenny has so many engines of his own there, that he can't get around to running them all. So if someone wants to adopt an engine for the weekend to oil up and run well, have at it!! This way several fellows play with and run what might be just a dream to them.

This year we had the model tables plumbed-up with air from a large compressor to run the steam engine models. Many thanks to Bud Robbins for his time and efforts to get this project completed by show time.

Kenny and Wendy donated a 1 HP United gas engine to be raffled off during the show, and the lucky winners were Don and Jerry Miller from Peru, Indiana. I can't wait to see this engine on their trailer load of Witte and Ottawa engines next year.

The Indiana Garden Tractor Pullers Association treated us to a dazzling display of power on the weight transfer sled. What a show!!

The Saturday activities were topped off by a huge potluck dinner for all exhibitors. Everyone brought a dish to put on the buffet table, and the Wolfs furnished two huge platters of ham and turkey. What a feast!

This year's show will be held on June 24-27, so make plans now to be there. Mark it on your calendar and put in for that vacation spend the week if you like, everyone is more than welcome!

I almost forgot Consuelo has been heard from but still not seen!